10 very annoying things about Netflix that fortunately have a solution

“What a thing they have mounted on Netflix”, is heard in the bars and offices of half of Spain. The streaming entertainment giant has been making decisions in favor of his company for a few months, but against the users. And these are, deep down, who sustain the business.

The launch of a subscription with ads and without HD almost as expensive as what Disney + or HBO Max cost today with content in 4K and Dolby Vision is something that hurt. But more bloody was the elimination of shared accounts, for years a non-negotiable policy on Netflix.

But if you are here it is because what it offers you Netflix It’s worth it, which means that you continue to subscribe to the platform with the most users in the world and, therefore, you use it every day watching your favorite series and movies.

If you are tired of the fact that the app always shows the same errors or you experience annoying bugs, you will like this list of solutions that we bring you today, you’ll see. You will thank us.

The biggest Netflix failures that have a solution

Remove content from Continue Watching: The Netflix home page is dynamic and personalized for each user. While some recommendations are given to everyone, like the list of most popular titles, others are individualized based on your tastes.

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On a computer, you can remove a title by hovering your mouse over it and clicking “remove from row”. On your TV you will need to go to the details page of the show and delete it from there. On mobile, you can remove titles by clicking the three dots and selecting “remove from row”.


Autoplay trailers: One of the most annoying parts of a binge session is deciding what to watch. In a world with so many options, choice paralysis is almost inevitable. That’s why many of us spend so much time looking for what we want… without finishing.

From a mobile device, open the Netflix app, select the profile button and click Manage profiles. Click on the profile you want to work with and look for the autoplay toggles at the bottom of the screen. You just have to click on deactivate.

From a TV, computer, or any other device, you’ll need to go to your account in a browser, navigate to the Parental Controls section, and find Playback Settings. From there, you can turn off autoplay previews.

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Auto play next episode: Netflix automatically plays the next episode of a show after the current one has finished, at least for a while. After a few episodes, Netflix does a wellness check and asks if you’re still watching it.

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To disable autoplay, select the Menu next to your profile and choose Manage profiles. Locate the autoplay controls and uncheck the Autoplay next episode box.


constant buffering: Buffering isn’t as big of a problem as it used to be, but it can still ruin a Netflix night. There’s nothing worse than diving right into a story only to have it freeze up at the most important moment and then lag a few seconds.

If you’re seeing Netflix buffering unusually, the first thing to check is your home internet connection. Then the best and easiest solution is to close Netflix and reopen it.

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Content does not download: You can also avoid buffering by downloading your favorite movies and TV shows in advance. This way, your device won’t have to rely on the network connection while you watch them. Of course, not all content can be downloaded.

Video freezes but audio keeps playing: According to Netflix, this strange problem suggests that there is some information that has been mistakenly stored on your device and needs to be erased.

The process for doing this varies from device to device, but they all do the same thing. Ideally, close Netflix and reopen it. On your TV you may need to turn it off and on.

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SD vs. HD on Netflix

Distorted or poor quality video: The poor quality of the image can be due to several causes, but most of them have an easy solution. The first thing to do is wait.

If waiting doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting. Again, the steps will vary depending on how you access the service, but in general they boil down to the same thing: closing and opening Netflix. You can also make sure your connection is good and restart the device.

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Netflix won’t play in HD: Netflix’s basic plan doesn’t support HD streaming, but the rest of their plans do. You also need a device, be it a TV, computer monitor, tablet or mobile phone, capable of playing HD video.

If it still fails, see the Profile & Parental Controls section of your account settings to see if any data caps are enabled. You should set your data usage to High, only then will you be able to enjoy the 4K that Netflix offers at its most expensive rate.

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