2023 New York Giants Offseason Preview

The Giants cleaned house last offseason. General manager Dave Gettleman stepped down and was replaced by Buffalo’s Joe Shane. I was taken in as a coach. These moves marked a notable shift from the Dark Ages from the Giants organization, which had been marginalized for much of the league following the Eli Manning era. The change in philosophy was immediately apparent when he achieved a record of two losses. The team appeared to adjust to New York in the second half of the season, but still made it to the playoffs. issued a statement. Ultimately, he was briefly dispatched by the Eagles in the divisional rounds.

Main attack statistics

  • Points per game: 21.5 (15th place)

  • EPA per play: 0.03 (9th place)

  • Dropback EPA per play: 0.06 (12th place)

  • Passing Yards Per Game: 185.7 (26th)

  • Rush EPA per play: 0 (6th place)

  • Rush yards per game: 148.2 (4th)

Dabor’s offense was perfectly designed to eliminate shocking mistakes from Daniel Jones’ games by using a quick passing game and shallow target depth. Meanwhile, Jones had the lowest interception rate in the league and a career low in losing fumbles. He also set career highs in yards per attempt and passing yards while posting his phenomenal 120/708/7 line on the ground. This was while throwing in a motley crew of Darius Slayton, Richie James and Isiah Hodgins. Saquon Barkley, healthy for the first time since his rookie season, tallied 10 points for 1,312 yards on 295 attempts. He added 338 yards in the air.

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Key defense stats

  • Points per game: 21.8 (17th place)

  • EPA per play: 0.05 (28 days)

  • Dropback EPA per play: 0.05 (20 days)

  • Passing yards per game: 214 (14th)

  • Rush EPA per play: 0.04 (30 days)

  • Rush yards per game: 144.2 (27th)

As defensive coordinator Wink Martindale always was, the Giants were a lightning-crazed team that succeeded in creating pressure but struggled when opposing quarterbacks made passes. New York led the league in blitz percentage and ranked sixth in pressure percentage, but only finished 16th in sack percentage. They were below average in adjustment yards per attempt allowed and yards allowed per completion. Their line of defense carried the defense. Defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence led the team in sacks and his TFL. Pro Football Focus rated him as the best defensive lineman in pass rushing and run-stopping situations. Rookie Kavon Thibodeau has been a strong force on the field, collecting a total of four sacks and two forced fumbles in 14 games.

2023 off season


cap space

$17.7 million

Draft Pick (Top 150)

25 days, 57 days, 89 days, 100 days, 128 days

Featured Free Agent

S Julian Love, OG John Feliciano, CB Fabian Morrow, WR Darius Slayton, WR Richie James, EDGE Jihad Ward, LB Jayron Smith, WR Sterling Shepard, C Nick Gates

cut candidate

WR Kenny Goladay ($6.7M savings), CB Adley Jackson ($8.6M), DT Leonard Williams ($12M)

The Giants’ cap numbers include Saquon Barkley’s franchise tag value and Jones’ reported value of $19 million in the first year of his new contract. It does not include the money saved by cutting Kenny Goladay. The signing failure has already been reported as a cut, but it remains to be seen if he will be designated for release after June 1st.

team needs

wide receiver

I don’t think any team needs receiver help more than the Giants. After trading Tony and losing Wandale Robinson to a season-ending injury, the Giants were down to a trio of backups as starters. Two of him, Slayton and James, are free his agents.


New York has invested first-round picks on left and right tackles, but the inside of their line has been severely lacking in 2022. With both John Feliciano and Nick Gates achieving free his agency, it makes sense to get one of him back while investing in guards in the draft.


Jaron Smith leads the Giants’ inside linebacker in snaps and is an unlikely free agent to be pursued by the Giants. Jarad Davis is in a similar position, as is fifth-round rookie Myka McFadden, who started last year.

coaching changes

Offensive coordinator Mike Kafka was interviewed for four different head coach jobs but didn’t get the coveted job. Martindale said he had one interview but did not pass as well. Kafka says he’s on the road to a head coach gig in the next year or two if things continue to go well in New York. For now, the Giants can do it with the same staff in 2023.


The G-Men have taken care of the biggest item on their to-do list a week before free agency kicks off. They signed Danny Dimes and he to a four-year, $160 million contract with an additional $35 million to earn through incentives. The contract includes an $82 million security deposit. New York also assigned a franchise tag to Barkley. Worth $10.1 million. The Giants are also reportedly working toward a long-term contract extension with Barkley.With these moves out of the way, the Giants’ focus now turns to setting up a quarterback for the franchise now to thrive in the years to come. was throwing to a group off. Improving both spots would allow Jones to justify the massive bag he just secured.

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