8 tools to create amazing visual content

Do you want to create professional and attractive content that you will later publish on social media? Are you looking for good, preferably free tools for this? You’ve come to the right place!

Visual content can increase your social media visibility and support your brand. Here are eight tools to help you create beautiful content:

#1 Pexels and Unsplash

Currently, there are dozens of sites from which you can download free images. These include Pexels and Unsplash. Unsplash provides a wide variety of landscapes, while Pexels focuses on business and tech crops. From both sources, you can download photos that will be perfect for a blog, slideshow or post shared on social media. In addition, Pixels collects images from other sites.

#2 Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC is another free tool that allows you to take color samples from visual content. The application works in a very simple way. Imagine that you are to design content for a client based on the colors that have already appeared on their graphics. At this point, Adobe Color CC will help. The eye of the camera should be directed at the object and the colors will be captured by themselves. The tool leaves complete freedom in changing the color palette. Each set we create will consist of five different colors. They can be modified by adjusting the sliders.

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#3 Flaticon

With Flaticon, you have access to over 144,130 icons and PNGs. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also customize the font size and color. Do you want to create or need drawings for a comic book? In “Avatar” you have access to over 1800 icons. The Flaticon library is also useful when you are creating a podcast or preparing for a conference.


#4 ColorZilla

ColorZilla is a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to see the RGB code, official name and gradients for each color type within the browser window. Use the Color Picker to choose the best contrasting color for your CTA button. The tool automatically copies the hex code, thanks to which you can return to the saved changes after completing the work. In addition, in conjunction with Flaticon, you can capture ‘Blue Brands’ and drop them into the color picker. Thanks to this, when downloading icons, you can choose one that is identical to the logo on the site.

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#5 Fammebot

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a graphics expert to choose the right font. With the Fammebot tool, you can access the top 25 expert font combinations and see how they look with graphics and font.


#6 Canva

Canva is considered a brilliant tool for creating all kinds of graphics, announcements, posters and business cards. With its help, you can quickly get a great result. The user has access to templates, you can easily enter text.


Investing in “Canva for work” ($10/month, billed yearly) allows you to save your stock colors, logos and fonts as well as cross-platforms and share it all with your team. However, the free version is sufficient for most small businesses and community managers. It is worth testing it before investing in the paid version.

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#7 Google Drawings

When talking about visual content creation platforms, Google Drawings is often overlooked because it is part of the Google Drive suite. While this tool is not the easiest to use compared to other similar applications, it offers many useful features, including access to over 500 fonts and powerful formatting options.


Note: If you’re using Google Drawings, you’ll need to set the page size manually. Below you will find the size chart:

Facebook photo dimensions:

  • Cover photo – 828×464
  • Profile picture – 360×360
  • Photo in the post – 940×788

Twitter image dimensions:

  • Profile picture – 500×500
  • Photo in the post – 1024×500

Instagram photo dimensions:

  • Profile picture – 180×180
  • Photo in the post – 1080×1080

– Visual content is an essential element of any social media marketing plan. Using free tools can help increase brand awareness and engagement. Using the above tools, you can create content that no professional graphic designer will be ashamed of – sums up Łukasz Wołek, CEO of the Abanana agency.

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