A robot shark capable of swallowing all the plastic garbage in a river

The pollution of our seas and rivers It’s a big problem because of plastic pollution and the latest effort by a company to collect waste in the River Thames in London is a particular robot shark.

By name WasteSharkis the first robot sailor to pass through the Thames with the ability to swallow up to 500 kilos of waste every day, equivalent to 22,700 plastic bottles.

It is an electric robot shark that has the ability to move 5 km through the water before needing a recharge.

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Ensuring packaging never becomes waste is a core part of our vision, and we’re excited to bring the brilliantly innovative WasteShark technology to London in partnership with the team at Canary Wharf Group to help tackle plastic pollution in this revolutionary way.“, it states steve pottsCEO of Britvic.

A robot shark capable of swallowing all the plastic garbage in a river

It is capable of collecting data on water quality

The good thing is that this robot not only collects garbage from the water, but is also capable of collecting data on its quality.

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And the goal of its creators is to have millions of these robots in rivers around the world: “I am not against plastic, it is a convenient product. But we have a huge mountain of plastic waste entering the environment. It’s about how to recycle plastic even better”.

We can make great strides on that and WasteShark can contribute. My dream is to have millions of active WasteSharks all over the world. Not only to collect waste, but also to collect data”, he explains via daily mail.

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Their robots currently cost between €25,000 and €30,000 with a maintenance cost of around €1,000 per year.

They hope that with this type of robot, they can make all rivers much more sustainable and change the patterns of harmful waste in cities.

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