According to the DGT, this is the ideal maximum speed to save fuel

Everyone wants to spend less gasoline and diesel on their car or motorcycle. And whoever tells you no is lying to you. To save fuel, everyone has their own tricks, those that one learns over time.

For example, one of the key aspects when it comes to consuming the ideal every 100 km is have the tires inflated to their correct pressure. Having a somewhat deflated tire only has negative consequences: higher consumption and worse performance of the car on the road.

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Then we have the aerodynamic issue. In other words, traveling with a roof rack, keeping the windows down, not closing the doors properly… all this contributes to our car consuming more, since it generates greater aerodynamic resistance when driving and requires more fuel to overcome it.

But today we are going to talk about a piece of advice that the DGT gives us that improves all the advice that we can give you: the speed at which we drive on the road. Therein lies the key to everything.

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The speed of the car is the key to low consumption

According to DGT, The ideal consumption is given at a speed of approximately 90 km/h. If you step on the accelerator more and reach a speed of 120 km/h (the maximum on the highway), consumption increases by 30%. Of course, going 90 km/h on a highway is not safe, they mean secondary.

Apart from the speedthere are other factors related to driving that you have to take into account to save fuel. For example, traveling at a constant speed, it is proven that using cruising speed (even at high speeds) helps save fuel.

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There is also the issue of driving early and smooth, not going overboard with the air conditioning, not rushing too much and using high gears, closing the windows and the sunroof, or checking the tire pressure, as we said at the beginning of the news.

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