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Adidas will expand with franchise format | ECONOMY

will venture this year with a franchise format for its expansion. “We are associating with a retail group to launch franchised stores, this will help us reach places with the brand where we still do not have coverage,” said Álvaro Taboada, Marketing Manager of adidas.

Although this expansion will focus on Lima, the brand will also seek to enter new provinces. “We are interested in Tacna, Tumbes, Pucallpa, we would also consider opening another location in Chiclayo,” Taboada said.

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This year they will open two franchised stores and in the future they will aim to open between three and four stores a year under this format.

Today, Adidas has a network of 60 stores and operates through wholesale (retail) channels, its own stores and its e-commerce.


The online channel has been growing at a rate of 40% per year. “Today the online store weighs 5% of the billing, in three years we aim to double this figure,” said Taboada.

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He pointed out that although Cyber ​​Day events are becoming more and more decisive (sales grow up to 150%), there is a risk that consumers get used to discounts. To reinforce this channel, they are working on an omnichannel strategy that will seek to connect the stock of the online channel with that of physical stores.


Adidas has the Originals (fashion), Running, Training, Soccer and Core lines, which are lower priced products. For this year they will focus on Originals and Running.

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Taboada noted that his fashion line is performing well and already represents 25% of sales. “We’ve also seen the women’s market growing across all of our brands,” she said.

This year, Adidas will strengthen its current stores and has been executing a renovation plan for some of its stores.

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They made an alliance with Rappi

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1. Retail. The wholesale channel represents more than 50% of sales.

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