Al Asad reiterates his support for Russia against “Nazism” in the invasion of Ukraine | news today

Bashar Al Asad and Vladimir Putin, presidents of Syria and Ukraine.

Bashar Al Asad and Vladimir Putin, presidents of Syria and Ukraine.


Syrian President Bashar Al Asad expressed his country’s support for Russia on Wednesday in its fight against “old and new Nazism” now in Ukraine.

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“I want to take advantage of this visit, the first since the start of the war in Ukraine, to reiterate the Syrian position (in support of Russia) in this war against old-new Nazism,” Assad said during a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir. Putin, in the Kremlin.

The Syrian leader stated that “this Nazism was created by the West before World War II, which welcomed its leaders after the war and continues to do so to this day.”

“Our position is not based on the strong friendship or loyalty of the Syrian positions, but on the need for the world to regain balance, which will otherwise lead to an explosion,” said the Syrian president.

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According to Al Asad, his visit to Russia opens “a new phase in Syrian-Russian relations.” He also thanked Putin for the help provided by Moscow in mitigating the consequences of the devastating earthquake in Syria last February.

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According to official sources, Russia supplied more than 20 tons of humanitarian aid to Syria, including food and blankets. Putin, for his part, was pleased to see Al Asad in Moscow and highlighted the growth in trade with Syria, which increased by 7% last year.

“Our relations develop despite everything, also in the economic sector. Last year we recorded a 7% increase in our trade,” he said.

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He also highlighted the “significant results” of the Russian and Syrian forces in the fight against international terrorism in the Arab country, referring to the Islamic State. According to the head of the Kremlin, this allows “to make the socio-economic and political situation more stable” in Syria.

The Russian Army, which intervened militarily in Syria in 2015 to prevent the overthrow of Al Asad, has an air base and a naval base in territory of the country bathed by the Mediterranean Sea.

The news about the arrival of Al Asad in Russia was confirmed only on Tuesday, when the Syrian leader was already in Russian territory.

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This morning, before the meeting in the Kremlin, Al Asad laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, located in the Alexander Gardens in front of the Kremlin walls, to pay tribute to the fallen Soviets in World War II.

In the framework of the visit of Al Asad, who is accompanied by several Syrian politicians and soldiers, bilateral meetings were also held between the foreign and defense ministers of Russia and Syria.

The Syrian president’s last visit to Russia took place in September 2021 and then he was also received by Putin in the Kremlin, although the content of the meeting was not known until the next day. Meanwhile, the Russian leader was in Syria in January 2020.

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