Alfa spoke of his relationship with Delfina Wagner: “She is obsessed”

Alfa talked about his relationship with Delfina Wagner (Telefe)

The last weekend, walter santiagoknown to all as Alphawas caught kissing with the journalist Delphine Wagner. The former participant of Big Brother and the young woman had been romantically related for several days, when some photos came to light in which they were seen walking together in the man’s convertible car through the streets of San Isidro. However, until then no image had been seen that compromised them, so many thought it could have been just a press move.

However, a user of the Tik Tok social network named Joaquin Cornejo, whose account is @ joaquincornej10, captured the exact moment in which the sexagenarian and the 19-year-old girl passionately kissed at the disco where Santiago gave a party. And, after uploading a series of videos, he warned: “It’s the last thing I can show, then I can tell something else that happened in the bathroom.”

That being the case, this Monday Walter was on the floor of Barbarossawhere he was interrogated by Georgina Barbarossa and his panelists about his relationship with Wagner. “They stole my cars, they stole my watches, they stole my money, they stole my kisses… It was a robbery,” said the man jokingly trying to minimize the fact. So, Noelia Santone who had been at the celebration, said that Delfina had been “hanging from Alfa’s waist” all night.

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At that moment, Gaston Trezeguet He said that what the young woman was looking for was to become known thanks to her former little brother. But he defended her: “She is a good girl and she is intelligent, I think she has a very important level of intelligence and knowledge. Beyond the normal average. I think that it’s not that she hung up on me, but that she was… dazed for the moment”.

Alpha showed himself to kiss with Delfina Wagner (Tik Tok)

It should be remembered that, after her first photos appeared with Alfa, Delfina spoke in The Ulises Jaitt Show (XLFM Radio) about his relationship with the former car salesman. Wagner admitted that he is getting to know the media and defined him as “gentleman, intelligent and very attractive.” At another point in the talk, he acknowledged that “Alfa is a very interesting man, he has many experiences, a lot of experience and he loves to tell them.”

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Later, the journalist confirmed that it was she who made the first approach. “In principle I spoke to him through the networks, what he said on Telefe is true. I take responsability. I could see that we had very similar opinions in some aspects in general in life. He saw him as a person very similar to me, ”she maintained. Immediately afterwards, she continued to tell how the first outing with the biggest man on the Telefe reality show took place. “I told him: ‘If I can collaborate with you, if we can get to know each other, I’d be delighted and more than open for all that.’ I am helping him a lot with social networks, that’s where the thing comes from, ”she explained.

“Many people come up to ask Alfa for photos, too many, and also from behind, but I can’t keep an eye on it. We went to have a snack there and then we went to a motorcycle event that he invited me, ”he confessed. Meanwhile, the young woman defined Walter as a person “extremely intelligent, very gentleman, very respectful, very humble towards other people, very interesting, and he has many things to tell.”

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The truth is that, in the face of this incipient romance, criticism was not long in coming, which was based, fundamentally, on prejudices related to the difference in age that exists between the two. “It is a matter of people. I saw a lot of criticism… it’s not that we’re in a relationship, but I saw on the networks that many put that it could be my father, but it’s not. I think we are in a moment that must be overcome”, said Delfina in this regard.

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