Amazon could lower the price of hundreds of products in April thanks to this important change

Amazon, one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, could cut prices on hundreds of products starting in April this year, thanks to a major shift in its sourcing strategy. This directly affects all of us.

As we have been able to read today in various media, Amazon will change its approach to distributing products, abandoning distributors in favor of producers, which will allow you to reduce your costs and, consequently, offer more competitive prices. And Jeff Bezos has nothing to do with it.

This change in strategy, which will be implemented starting next month, will allow Amazon work directly with producers, thus eliminating intermediaries that have traditionally been present in the supply chain.

This means that Amazon will have greater control over the quality and availability of products, which could translate into better prices for consumers. Or so they sell us from the American company.

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Improve prices and be more competitive, Amazon’s goal

The decision Amazon’s decision to change its distribution approach comes at a time when competition in the e-commerce market is on the rise, with companies like Walmart and Target trying to gain market share. By working directly with growers, Amazon hopes to lower its costs and offer lower prices than the competition.

Industry experts believe that this change in Amazon’s strategy will have a significant impact on the e-commerce marketespecially in the retail sector, where prices are a key factor for consumers.

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If Amazon can offer lower prices than its competitors, it is likely to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Amazon is expected to officially announce its new distribution approach in the coming weeks.s, which could have a major impact on the retail industry and consumers looking to save money on their purchases. We will see how the intermediaries react and if it is pronounced itself Jeff Bezos.

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