Amazon gives away €5 to its customers again, check if you got it

It is not the first, nor the last time, that we see Amazon give away a specific amount of money to its users to encourage sales in some specific accounts. We saw the last promotion of this type at the beginning of the year, but the strongest were last year giving away 5 euros when creating a list and another extra 7 euros.

Well, Amazon returns to give money to its registered users with a discount coupon of 5 euros for free. A way to encourage some of your customers to make more purchases at a specific time.

You have to keep in mind that not everyone is eligible (it hasn’t touched us this time) and although it seems that it may be random, surely Amazon has a specific range of users in mind for this discount. To find out if you have 5 euros as a gift in your Amazon account just go to this page and check it out.

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Check if you have €5 free on Amazon

Under the conditions of this offer, Amazon is offering this coupon of 5 euros to users by invitation, but we know very well that these emails or notifications through the App do not always reach everyone.

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Selected users will receive 5 euros as a gift for purchases with a minimum value of 15 euros, only for products sold and managed by Amazon itself.

If you are one of those graceful people you will have until midnight on March 26 to collect and spend them. It is not combinable with other offers and is limited to one order per customer.

A very important detail is that to make use of this coupon you cannot use the 1-Click purchase button, since you must go through the cart, check that you have active coupons and there continue with the order as you normally do.

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