Berlin will allow topless in public pools

Women can now swim topless in Berlin's pools

Women can now swim topless in Berlin’s pools

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In Germany, women will be allowed to be in the public swimming pools of the city without covering their chests. The new measure comes after a woman was taken from an outdoor pool for being in topless. The authorities treated the facts as acts of discrimination.

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In the European country, with the social and health movement called “Freikörperkultur”, which is Spanish for free body culture, a position has been established that protects people’s naturalism and nudism. allow the topless for women in Berlin’s public pools will start in the coming months.

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The authorities agreed that they had been victims of discrimination and they declared that any person who visits the pools of Berlin had the right to go topless, read on the BBC.

“As a result of a successful discrimination complaint, bathing establishments in Berlin will in future apply their housing and bathing regulations in a gender-equitable manner,” says the Berlin state government statement confirming the measure. .

CNN collects the statements of the ombudsman, Dr. Doris Liebscher. “The Ombudsman warmly welcomes the decision of the bathing establishments because it creates equal rights for all Berliners, whether they are men, women or non-binary and because it also creates legal certainty for the staff of bathing establishments” .

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Other cities that allow topless

The city of Göttingen, located in the center of the country, had already allowed the topless during the weekends for women, non-binary people, and trans people, leaving precedents for equality against men. This first measure began on May 1, 2022 and came after a person with the biological female sex and who did not identify as a woman was thrown out of a swimming pool in the German city.

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Other countries on the European continent such as France, Iceland and Spain allows women not to cover their chests in some pools and beaches, while Italy allows it entirely.

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