Big Brother: after the entry of Romina’s daughters, it was leaked which relatives will enter the house

Big Brother: how was the expected reunion between Romina Uhrig and her daughters

These are decisive days in Big Brother, and emotions promise to increase. While the repercussions continue for the reunion of Romina Uhrig With her three daughters, the course of the Telefe reality show continues on her way. In decisive instances, with less than two weeks to go until the grand finale, the participants will receive some relatives, which will continue to add an unpredictable spice to the game.

This Monday, the expected meeting took place between the former deputy and her three daughters, Mía, Nina and Felicitas, who entered accompanied by Marita, her caretaker. The native of Moreno had been left with the desire in the previous batch of family members, since the rules of the game established that they stay to sleep, something that the minors could not comply with. For this reason, the one who entered was her nephew, Fabián, which caused some disappointment in Romina and many comments on the networks due to the cold reception.

In a climate of deep emotion, the participant hugged the three girls, and between tears and kisses, the questions appeared. “They are eating well, aren’t they? They are not giving you nonsense, are they? Are you always with her? ”, she asked the caretaker. “Very good. I am every day. How do you see them?” asked Marita. “I see them beautiful, but I want to rest assured that they are with you, that they take care of them, that they drink water and not coke, nothing like that,” she said.

“Did they leave where they were?”, he also wanted to know regarding the place where they live. “I can’t tell you anything from outside. We are fine, everyone is fine,” Marita replied. “Are you sleeping well?” she asked afterwards. “Everything is as before,” said Marita without giving so much detail. In the time that they were together, Romina had time to play with them in the soft square while she did not get out of her astonishment. She then asked the Big Brother if she could take Caramel, the house dog, to meet the girls. And the owner of the house granted his wish. And when her daughters asked her why she was crying, she was strong and only managed to answer that the crying corresponded to a simple tummy ache.

Romina, Julieta, Nacho and Marcos, the finalists of Big Brother
Romina, Julieta, Nacho and Marcos, the finalists of Big Brother

Both in the debate led by Santiago del Moro As in social networks, the reunion was the subject of debate. And while the opinions for and against follow one another, they leaked how the weekly schedule will continue regarding the income of relatives. Tonight, it will be the turn of Jose GinocchioMark’s father. It is one of the most anticipated, since there was always great secrecy around the family of Salta. And from the entrance of Valentina, who became one of the favorites of the audience, expectations grew in what José could tell, who only spoke publicly with the media in his province and who is known to be Undersecretary of urban cleaning of the municipality of the city of Salta.

Wednesday will enter Thesis, Nacho’s unconditional grandmother and who together with her daughter raised him when they returned from Spain. Present at all of her finery, her grandson often speaks fondly of her in intimate talks at her home, where he revealed her strong family history. It is worth remembering Nacho’s mother died in 2021 and after the commotion caused by the presence of his father Rodolfo, it will be time to meet another part of the family.

Finally, on Thursday another of the most anticipated meetings will take place, that of Julieta with her boyfriend Lucca Bardelli. The young man had also been left with the desire in the previous income, since the requirement that Big Brother had imposed was that they be direct relatives. And during the almost five months of confinement, Lucca was targeted for alleged infidelities towards Julieta, which directly influenced the game. The allusive cries from outside, added to Rodolfo’s strategy regarding her to destabilize her, provide more ingredients to the relationship, which despite the bad omens, continues despite the reality show.

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