Big Brother: how was the expected reunion between Romina Uhrig and her daughters

Big Brother: how was the expected reunion between Romina Uhrig and her daughters

She longed for it with all her might until it was finally given to her: after almost five months of staying in the house of Big Brother (Telephone) Romina Uhrig he met his daughters again Mine -12 years old-, congratulations -of 3-, and Little girl, which is only one year old. she anticipated it Santiago del Moro at the gala of The debate, this Monday, surprisingly and after clarifying that the final will be played by three participants instead of four. And that during the week, everyone will receive their relatives at home.

“Almost five months passed. The first week she was like, ‘She’s not going to take it, she’s not going to take it.’ Romina doesn’t know that her daughters are there. I’m going to try to get the house to contain her and help her,” the driver warned. Then he linked up with the girls, who were waiting in the sum of the house and made a necessary clarification: “Mom has asked to see you a lot, she is in the middle of a competition. What I ask you please is that you can’t talk about the game, the program, what happens outside. Take advantage of this time, there is very little left for this to end, mom is among the best four, it’s your time.”

A moment later, Santiago connected with the participants and suddenly told them: “Romina, your daughters are waiting for you in the sum.” Thus, the former deputy was hugged by her colleagues and ran to the living room. The reunion, how could it be otherwise, was pure tears. When she opened the door, she hugged Feli first, then the eldest, and finally she kissed the baby, who was in the arms of Maritathe nanny of the three and who is in charge of carrying out their day to day.

Santiago del Moro spoke with the daughters of Romina Uhrig before their reunion

“Hello, my love,” was the first thing Romina managed to say after melting into a hug with the three of them, while tears continued to cross her face. “I’m going to calm down, I’m going to calm down…”, she said as she tried to contain her emotions. “I’m very happy, did you miss me?” She asked Felicitas, while she was surprised by Mia’s growth: “How tall you are! You are taller than me!”

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Likewise, the former deputy was very satisfied with what they put together in the sum: a table with some food but also different games to have fun for a while with the girls. “Hello Nina, who am I?” She asked the youngest, who replied: “Mommy!” Suddenly, Feli announced that “yesterday I vomited, my belly hurt because I ate a lot of candies”, which set off Romina’s alarms and she was very concerned about the three of them eating. “They’re not eating candy, are they, Marita?” She asked the babysitter.

The theme would become recurring in the minutes that were seen on the screen. “They are eating well, aren’t they? They are not giving you nonsense, are they? Are you always with her?” He asked the caretaker. “Very good. I am every day. How do you see them?” asked Marita. “I see them beautiful, but I want to rest assured that they are with you, that they take care of them, that they drink water and not coke, none of that. You saw that Walter (party) is to give him candy and give him bullshit…”, she said, accusing her ex-husband and father of the daughters of altering their diets.

Romina Uhrig and the reunion with her daughter Felicitas
Romina Uhrig and the reunion with her daughter Felicitas

“They don’t know how I miss them,” Romina reiterated a while later and while her eldest daughter was excited. “I missed them very, very, very much. You are my entire life, you,” she would say. In an attempt to catch up after so much absence, she asked and limited everything: “Oh, how she talks,” she said, surprised by the smallest vocabulary. “Does she remember me?”, she wanted to know herself. “Yes, she sees you every day,” the nanny told her. “Did you miss me, Feli? Do you love me? Tell me that you love me … “, she asked the one in the middle, who returned an” I love you, mom ”. She also wanted to know if she had given up diapers. “She’s there,” Marita told him.

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“Did they leave where they were?”, he also wanted to know regarding the place where they live. “I can’t tell you anything from outside. We are fine, everyone is fine,” Marita replied. “Are you sleeping well?” she asked afterwards. “Everything is as before,” said Marita without giving so much detail.

Among so much emotion, Romina had time to play with them in the soft square installed in the sum, while she was still surprised to be with them. She then asked the Big Brother if she could take Caramel, the house dog, to meet the girls. And the owner of the house granted his wish.

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“Are you being good? You’re not accepting anyone on Instagram, are you? Don’t talk to anyone, don’t accept anyone, ”she told Mía while they played with the dog and the teenager nodded. “Aren’t you ashamed, mommy?” she asked him. “No, but you’re pretty crazy… You get very angry,” she replied. “It just so happens that Alpha was chasing me to make me angry,” Uhrig replied.

Mía, Felicitas and Nina, the daughters of Romina Uhrig together with Marita, their nanny
Mía, Felicitas and Nina, the daughters of Romina Uhrig together with Marita, their nanny

A while later, Del Moro connected with Romina and her daughters to find out what the emotions of the participant are. “Everything loosened up on me. Seeing them, Mia is taller than me. The fat lady calls me ‘mama’. Feli asked me everything… I was very afraid every time she talked to the psychologist. I’m very happy, I can’t believe it. Thank you!” she said.

About the end of the broadcast The debate the farewell of Romina and her daughters was shown after having been together for just over an hour. “Do you love me? How much? Can you give me a kiss? ”, She asked the little ones. “Behave well, stay with the girls at home,” she recommended to the oldest.

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