Big Brother: Nacho received a visit from two very special people

Nacho was moved by two unexpected visits (Telefe)

as announced Santiago del Morothe four participants who reached the last instance of Big Brother they will have the possibility of receiving the visit of some of their loved ones inside the house. And this will be seen during the week, in which each day one of them will be the privileged one. That being the case, after Monday Romina could hug again with their daughters, Mine, congratulations and Little girlit was the turn of Nacho. And the driver anticipated that he would have the opportunity to spend a moment with his grandmother. Teresa and with Jesusformer partner of Rudolfhis father.

The two guests were waiting in the SUM while the participants carried out the first part of the leader’s test, which left Nacho and Juliet on plate and that he put in a one-on-one for Wednesday to romina and marcos. The driver then entered the house to greet Thesis, as the participant’s grandmother is nicknamed, and then to muathe nickname given to the young man whom he considers his second father and who traveled from Europe to the United States and from there to Argentina, especially for the meeting.

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To make the surprise even bigger, del Moro asked Jesus to hide in the broom closet. So, Big Brother He told Nacho to go in search of his special gift. “My life!” Teresa said when she saw him. And they both hugged each other, crying inconsolably. Then, the woman accompanied him to the chair, where she offered him some handkerchiefs while she told him how much she loved him and how much she missed him.

Nacho received a visit from Teresa and Jesús
Nacho received a visit from Teresa and Jesús

A few minutes later, and after repeating how proud she was of him, the grandmother announced to Nacho that she had not gone alone. “I have another surprise, but I want you to get over this one”, she told him as he washed his face. Then Jesus appeared and the hugging and crying scene was repeated with him. “What are you doing here? I can’t believe it!” Said the participant, as baffled as he was happy.

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“That you two are here means a lot to me…”, the young man told his visitors, while they tried to encourage him to continue until he achieved his goal. And it is that both Teresa and Jesús made it clear to him that they were only capable of doing something like that, like entering a television program, because of the love they feel for him.

“Yesterday when Romi was with the daughters, we knew that the family could come. But it could also be that not, because my dad had already been there. I had no idea that you would come. And it was beautiful,” Nacho told them. And, on several occasions, he showed that he had been very worried about leaving her grandmother alone, for which he was very happy to see her well.

“I was afraid, that feeling of not knowing how they were going to take it,” he said in relation to his decision to enter the program. “I was sure of what I wanted, I didn’t care what people were going to think. Not even the closest people, the only ones whose opinion mattered to me was the two of you and my dad, ”he explained. It is that Jesús had warned him of his participation in the reality show just one day before entering. And he felt guilty for leaving his grandmother alone for so many months, the mother of his mother who died a year ago, who is his great support.

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