Big Brother rating: how much did each reunion with family members measure and which was the most viewed

How was the expected reunion between Romina Uhrig and her daughters (Video: “Big Brother”, Telefe)

Romina Uhrig, Nacho Castañares, Marcos Ginocchio and Juliet Poggio They received their respective relatives this week and lived days full of emotion, facing the final of the most watched program on Argentine television, which will be broadcast on Monday, March 27 on the Telefe screen.

While Marcos, by winning the last test that gave him the leadership of the week, became the first finalist. Nacho, Romina and Julieta are on the list of nominees and the public will decide which of the three leaves the house next Sunday, thus leaving the other two in the final. It should be noted that once the telephone voting is open, the rules for the public change: the vote is in favor of whoever they want to win the contest and not for them to leave, as up to now.

The first to receive their relatives was Rominawho for a while wanted to be reunited with her three daughters Mia, Nina and Felicitas. At the gala on Monday, the participant ran to hug the three girls as soon as she saw them and cried with emotion. “Hello, my love”, was the first thing she said, after the desperation to see them again. “I’m going to calm down, I’m going to calm down…”, she added as she tried to contain her emotions. “I’m very happy, did you miss me?” She asked Felicitas, while she was surprised by Mia’s growth: “How tall you are! You are taller than me!” “Hello Nina, who am I?” she asked her youngest daughter, who replied: “Mommy!”

Nacho was moved by two unexpected visits (Video: “Big Brother”, Telefe)

On Tuesday it was the turn of Nacho, who was reunited with her maternal grandmother Teresa after five months without seeing her. The last time had been in October, before the participant entered the house. “My life!”, she told him Thesis -as he affectionately nicknames her- upon seeing him. And they both hugged each other, crying inconsolably. Later, the woman accompanied him to the chair, where she offered him some tissues while she told him how much she loved him and she missed him.

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A few minutes later, and after repeating how proud she was of him, the grandmother told Nacho that she had not gone alone. “I have another surprise, but I want you to get over this one”, she anticipated while he washed his face. So, it appeared Jesus and the hugging and crying scene was repeated with him. “What are you doing here? I can’t believe it!” The participant expressed, as baffled as he was happy to see who his father’s partner was, and who he considers a second father.

“That you two are here means a lot to me…”, the young man told his visitors, while they tried to encourage him to continue until he achieved his goal. And it is that both Teresa and Jesús made it clear to him that they were only capable of doing something like that, like entering a television program, because of the love they feel for him.

Julieta’s emotion when she was reunited with her boyfriend (Video: “Big Brother”, Telefe)

Third, it was Juliet who first received a visit from her parents and her younger sister, Lola, to later be joined by her boyfriend Lucca. “There is someone who has to go to the SUM now,” Santiago del Moro communicated at the gala on Wednesday. And Juliet, taking care of her, assured: “I couldn’t sleep yesterday waiting for this day.”

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The driver immediately asked her who she wanted to meet, and she answered without hesitation: “My boyfriend.” She immediately went to the living room, where she was first reunited with her family, she cried with emotion as she hugged her mother, her father and her younger sister. After spending time with them, they invited her to open one of the doors, behind her was Lucca with a huge bouquet of flowers: the actress ran to hug him and enjoy her romantic reunion.

The emotional reunion of Marcos with his father (Video: “Big Brother”, Telefe)

The last to receive a visit from a relative was frames, whose reunion with his father was seen at the gala on Thursday night. The participant ran to the room where he was waiting for him. José. There he also saw a video with a message from her mother Carola, who stayed in Salta because she is embarrassed by the cameras, and from her brother (also called José), who has lived in the United States for more than 10 years. years.

“We miss you son and I love you with all my heart. Strength, son, encouragement, fight, win, courage. We love you so much son, all your friends send you a hug. I am in permanent contact with them, you know that they are the treasure of your soul as well”, the undersecretary of Urban Cleaning of Bettina Romero, the mayor of Salta capital, told him. Marcos couldn’t hold back his tears and cried all the time, hugging his father as tight as he could and taking refuge in him for as long as they were allowed to see each other and chat.

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that’s the way it isBig Brother It is still the most watched program on Argentine television, but people chose to see a reunion over the others: the one that best measured was the first, that of Romina and her daughters, which had peaks of 23 rating points and averaged 22 ,5. Then, it was Marcos’s with his father, with 21.4. After Julieta with her family and her boyfriend, with 21.3 rating points, and in last place, but also marking an excellent measurement, was Nacho with his grandmother and whom he considers his second father, with 21, 1.

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