Bizarrap’s gift to Jimmy Fallon and the question to Shakira that became a meme

Bizarrap gave Jimmy Fallon a dunk

The eyes of show business were on them. The couple who owns four Guinness records for what transcended the “Music Session #53” between bizarre and Shakira finally made it to the talk show The Tonight Show of Jimmy Fallon to leave the American public at their feet.

“Introducing his global hit Music Session #53 for the first time, let’s receive Bizarrap and Shakira,” he announced. Fallon appeared on the screen. Immediately, the artists appeared in a part of studio 6B, of which NBC Studios in the GE Building of the Rockefeller Center in New York City, which was adapted as the studio that the Argentine producer has in his Ramos Mejía home.

As in the video that was released on January 11 and that in less than 24 hours became the #1 music release in the world, Shakira is standing and behind her is Bizarrap, sitting in front of his computer. and performing the song. In addition, a kind of wall was placed that was decorated in the same way as in the DJ’s house in La Matanza.

The interpretation became the topic of conversation par excellence on social networks, and from simple Internet users to prominent media expressed themselves positively about what happened. In fact, different media such as The country from Spain, described the performance as “The performance Shakira’s most spectacular on US TV and with her children in front of her”, making reference to Milan and Sashafrom his previous relationship with Gerard Piqué.

They performed their new global hit ‘BZRP Music Session #53′

“Shakira’s performance on the Jimmy Fallon show is wonderful. The first time she sings the song live with Bizarrap, with the costumes, the dance in diva mode and a clear message: she in the midst of her audience, who loves and supports her”, indicated a follower, while another highlighted what happened seconds after the presentation ended: “The hug between Shakira and Bizarrap knowing that they made history. The chemistry they had. Representing Latin America”.

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After a few days of the intense and commented show, backstage images began to appear, showing the chemistry between the guests and the presenter, who met them in one of the dressing rooms, at which time the Argentine producer gave him a wooden mate filleted with his name, while one of the assistants explained what it was about.

“No, it doesn’t have alcohol, it’s like a tea, and that’s yerba mate, they’re like herbs,” they told Fallon. At that moment, the presenter who was playing with the light bulb turned his body to show the gift close-up while he expressed: “This is beautiful! are they fucking me? Look at this…” and then zoom in on the mate and show the filleting on camera.

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But another simultaneous conversation began to take place behind Fallon, and it was precisely between Bizarrap and Shakira, when the Argentine asked the Colombian: “Have you ever tried mate, shaki?”, to which she without hesitation replied “Sure, I was with an Argentine”.

The hug between Shakira and Bizarrap seconds after the presentation
The hug between Shakira and Bizarrap seconds after the presentation

Since the year 2000, in the midst of the rise of the Colombian artist in the English-speaking world, Antonito de la Rúa He was a firm companion at every step. In 2002, for example, she was encouraged to appear in the video for the ballad Underneath Your Clothes, where he was seen very passionate with who his beloved was. In addition to Shakira’s professional successes, the romance of both dominated the entertainment magazines. And even in interviews, the interpreter joked with the acquired Argentine accent.

Without going any further, on January 16, 2006, the theme began to be heard worldwide. January days, a declaration of his love for De La Rúa, which describes the situations that both had experienced throughout their relationship. I met you one day in January, with the moon on my nose. And as I saw that you were sincere, I got lost in your eyes”, is part of the lyrics that the Colombian dedicated to her. Although it is not known exactly what day they met, their first meeting was in the year 2000, in Buenos Aires, at a dinner where the Colombian was presenting Where are the thieves?.

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For this reason, the networks did not ignore the producer’s question and it was one of the most commented moments of the last hours, when the video was released. “The innocence of byza and Shakira’s sincerity when talking about her former Argentine. Beautiful friendship, ”explained one of her followers, while another highlighted“ Bizarrap asking Shaki if she has had mate … a lot !!! What kind of history classes do they teach in Argentina?”

“Bizarrap asked Shakira if she had ever tried mate? Open the schools, distribute history books, ”asked another follower, while she clarified a little more calm:“ It is that Bizarrap was 8 years old when Shakira dedicated him January day to an Argentine.

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