Brother-in-law of Guillermo Lasso, president of Ecuador, is investigated for corruption | news today

The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, during a state visit to Costa Rica

The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, during a state visit to Costa Rica

Photo: EFE – Jeffrey Arguedas

The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, has accepted that the State Prosecutor’s Office investigate his brother-in-law, the businessman and banker Danilo Carrera, peppered by a plot of alleged corruption in public companies and with those involved with links to an alleged drug trafficking network.

The president’s reaction occurred after the leak of some audios through the digital media La Posta, in which the voices of Police generals are heard on the file of a reserved investigation called “León de Troya”, focused on the monitoring of an alleged drug trafficking network, in which a person close to the ruling party appears.

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With the title “The President of the Republic does not cover up (covers up) anyone”, the Government’s General Secretariat for Communication published a response statement.

In that letter, the Government assured that President Lasso “never ordered that any investigation be archived, let alone revealed to anyone the content of an investigation that had been communicated to him in a confidential manner.”

“If that investigation was later considered without merit, the president had nothing to do with that decision,” added the Ministry of Communication, after recalling that the prosecutor and judge in the case ordered the investigation to be suspended.

Despite this, the Communications Secretariat of the Presidency assured that Lasso asked the Prosecutor’s Office to open the case again. In the letter, the Government indicated that the president has “requested the dismissal of two generals from the ranks of the Police”, although he did not specify their names.

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“The Government is focused on continuing to address the main citizen concerns and on protecting the well-being of Ecuadorians,” said the Communications Secretariat at the end of its letter.

The government’s pronouncement came at a time when the parliamentary opposition is carrying out a process to activate a political trial of censorship against Lasso.

The opposition considers that Lasso allegedly ordered the investigation into the alleged drug trafficking network in which businessman Rubén Cherres appeared, a man close to the ruling party and presumably also to Carrera, who also appears involved in the network of corruption in public companies. .

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The National Assembly (Parliament) has already approved a report recommending that Lasso be impeached.

The Government has described the parliamentary report as a “tome” that lacked “legal validity” and that was “a true attack on reason and common sense”.

The opposition has announced that it could present the formal request for the impeachment against Lasso until mid-February, so that it can then pass the review of the Constitutional Court, a prerequisite for the start of the process of censorship of the head of state.

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