ChatGPT will also put Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant out of work

The artificial intelligences Conversational devices have come to stay, and to be included in any aspect of our technological life, possibly also in the future they will be part of the voice assistants that we have in our mobile phones.

although we have voice assistants very interesting like Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri, the truth is that they are very far in naturalness and response compared to artificial intelligences like ChatGPT.

And in this regard, a former Apple worker wanted to comment, specifically, john burkeywho in statements to New York Timesclaims that the ChatGPT is much more powerful than siri as a voice assistant.

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AI Chatbots work with what are known as large language models. In contrast Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are essentially what are known as command and control systems.“, said.

If a user asks the virtual assistant to do something that isn’t in its code, the bot simply says it can’t help.“, Add.

Siri had a cumbersome design that required a lot of time to add new featuresBurkey added.

Basically what you have commented is that Siri can answer very basic questions, by querying a database that has a large collection of words.

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In this way, the Cupertino engineers must add new phrases to the Siri database to increase its vocabulary, which is very limited to a number of queries.

It points out that the Siri database “it’s a big snow globe” and that it takes a lot of effort to add new phrases that can take up to six weeks because the database needs to be completely revised.

On the other hand, if Apple decided to include the ChatGPT functions to Siri, this former engineer affirms that “it would take about a year to incorporate them” due to its complex programming.

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Voice assistants could lose their use

And it’s not just a former Apple employee who criticizes voice assistants, but Microsoft’s own CEO, Satya Nadellarecently stated that “voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are dumb as a rock”.

Besides, Adam Cheyerco-creator of Siri, also said to the Financial Times that “ChatGPT makes today’s voice assistants look stupid”.

It should be remembered that last Tuesday OpenAI launched GPT-4, with better results in capabilities and alignment, where artificial intelligence can process both text and image inputs, although at the moment I can only respond in text.

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