Cheap laptop with Windows 11, on sale for less than 550 euros

There is certainly no shortage of very competitive computers for sale, although normally those intended for professional use tend to be quite expensive, especially since they have to be very powerful and have a good screen and battery, thus competing head-to-head against MacBooks, rivals to beat

However, for tighter budgets there are also worthwhile alternatives, laptops that have few rivals in terms of value for money, usually from well-known brands. Right now one of them could be the Lenovo Ideapad 3 Gen 6 selling MediaMarkt and on sale by less than 550 eurosthat seeing its specifications is a good bargain.

Normally its price is 629 euros, so now is a golden opportunity to get a PC that already comes with Windows 11 pre-installed and that is also from a brand like Lenovo, solid and with a very long history in the sector, with special famous for the durability of its devices.

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Lenovo Ideapad 3 Gen 6 for €549

That it already comes with the new Microsoft operating system may seem like a minor issue, but it is not at all, because more and more manufacturers are doing without it to save costs and be able to sell their computers cheaper, although it is a real nuisance for users, who have to install the OS before they can use their new PC.

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This happens above all in low-cost models, in very cheap laptops that usually move around 300 euros or even below, although here we are talking about a much better Lenovo in absolutely all aspects in which it is valued.

For example, its processor is a very capable 5th Generation AMD Ryzen 5 that can run almost any Windows application without problems, even some more or less demanding ones that require more capacity.

It’s not bad for storage either, since it has a 512GB SSD, more than enough space for practically everything, unless you’re going to handle large volumes of 4K videos, in which case you probably need a good external hard drive.

The good thing about buying it at MediaMarkt is that you not only have the option to buy it online and have it arrive at your home in a couple of days without shipping costs, you also have the option to check if it is available in a physical store. If so, you could pick it up in about 30 minutes.

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