Cinema and streaming: check the premieres from 9 to 3/15

One of the most anticipated releases by the public, scream 6with Jenna Ortegawho interprets Wandinhahits theaters in Brazil this week. We will also have the premiere of two national feature films, Coração de Neon, an independent production written and directed by Lucas Estevan Soaresand A Porta ao Lado, which presents Leticia Colin, Danilo Ferreira and Barbara Paz in the main cast.

To start a new life and leave all the nightmare they lived in Woodsboro, Sam, Tara, Chad and Mindy go to New York. But it isn’t long before they become the target of a mysterious new serial killer.

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neon heart

Fernando lived a quiet life with his father, Lau. Together, they worked in a telemessage distribution service for the population of Curitiba, in a customized car, the Coração de Neon. One day when things do not go as planned, the young man’s life changes drastically, so he decides to embark on an amazing journey in the name of love.

next door

Would you open up your relationship in an attempt to get out of the monotony to rekindle the flame of passion? This same question arises in the minds of Mari and Rafa, a couple who have been together in a monogamous relationship for more than five years. The two begin to revisit the concept of togetherness when a couple who are in an open relationship move into the apartment next door.

65: Prehistoric Menace

Mills embarks on a journey into the unknown, but after an accident he realizes that he ended up on planet Earth, only 65 million years ago. Together with another survivor, the pilot must face an unknown terrain full of prehistoric creatures in order to survive.

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things of love

Can you imagine a relationship between an actor obsessed with avoiding the media and his past, and a feminist who works in a theater on the brink of bankruptcy? Things of love shows this unlikely romance that promises to amuse the public.

The hummingbird

The film is based on the novel written by Sandro Veronesi. The story narrates the losses, coincidences and loves of a man’s life through his memories that allow us to jump from one period to another, from one era to another, in a time that goes from the early 1970s to the present. near future.

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when there is no air

The documentary feature film shows the work of two filmmakers who decided to immortalize the battle of the women who worked on the front lines of the Unified Health System (SUS) at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic was out of control.


luther: dusk

It is a feature film sequel to the hit series Luther. Brilliant detective John Luther (Idris Elba) finds himself trapped and frustrated that he can’t capture a cybernetic psychopath. With no other choice, he decides to break out of prison to finish what he started.

Bert Kreischer: Shameless

In this stand-up, Bert Kreischer jokes about bodily emissions, being bullied by his daughters, and the result of a family escape room.

Pornhub: Billionaire Sex

In this feature length documentary, audiences will learn how adult entertainment platform Pornhub has changed the porn industry by allowing eurotic content creators to reach a large audience. The company, which has made billions, has also been embroiled in serious allegations related to non-consensual dissemination and sex trafficking through the site.

Amazon Prime Video


In Megan, Gemma (Allison Williams) is a roboticist at a toy company who uses artificial intelligence to develop a doll programmed to be a child’s best companion and parent’s best ally. Needing to take care of her orphaned niece, the woman makes use of Megan’s prototype. Still in the testing phase, the equipment presents errors that can be fatal.

The worst neighboor in the world

Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks) is a grumpy widower whose only joy comes from criticizing and judging his exasperated neighbors. When a young and energetic family becomes his new neighbor, Otto meets pregnant and resourceful Marisol, who proves to be his equal. From there is born a friendship that will turn Otto’s world upside down.

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The film is set in the late 1920s, a time when Hollywood is going through a period of great change, with the transition from silent to talkies. A great star in the industry, who worked in blockbusters, Nellie LaRoy (Margot Robbie), manages to migrate to the new model that has taken over the film world and takes the opportunity to move up in her career. On the other hand, in this period marked by excesses, there is Jack (Brad Pitt), who is experiencing his professional decline.

star +

Love on the streets of Bursa

Singer Cengiz spends all his brother’s money when he decides to buy a song produced by Taskin, son of composer Serafettin, believing that the composition will lead him to success. But things don’t go as planned as Taskin spends all the money, forcing Cengiz to work with Taskin and his sister Arzu.

Amen: Asking the Pope

The documentary shows young people from different countries and religions in conversation with Pope Francis, the first Pope elected in the Americas and the first Jesuit pontiff in the history of the Church.


Chang’s game

Chang (Bloom Li), 16, is a young American of Asian descent. Taunted by his schoolmates, the boy decides to be the best basketball player in high school. To do this, he seeks the help of former professional basketball player, DeAndre (Dexter Darden).

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