Civil Guard warns of a new scam that uses Income 2022/23 as a hook

the statement of income 2022/2023, and thereby comply with the Tax Agency, something that cybercriminals know very well to start their phishing campaigns.

As happened last year, the cybercriminals They have started their particular campaign on the Tax Agency to defraud us, sending a series of emails en masse to those taxpayers who have to file their income tax returns.

And it is that in just three weeks the income statement will begin online, and with it millions of people will have to declare all their earnings and expenses from the previous fiscal year.

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Now the Civil Guard is warning of a series of emails that pose as the Tax agencyin which the potential victim is informed that once they provide their data, they will return a certain financial amount of the rent.

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For those people who fall into the trap, they will end up providing their information through the link but they will not see any money arriving in their account. This data could be used by cybercriminals to scam you, to access your bank account or even to duplicate your data.

How to identify these fraudulent emails

The Civil Guard is warning that these types of emails are usually badly written, they usually offer alarmist messages so that you can act quickly without thinking, and the sender’s address is usually false.

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The Tax Agency will never contact you by email, but by electronic notification or by certified letter.

In this way, avoid any email you receive that pretends to be the Tax Agency, to avoid finally “paying” the cybercriminals.

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