Dady Brieva imitated Bizarrap to record a “Peronist Session”

Dady Brieva imitated Bizarrap to record a “Peronist Session”

Shakira, duki, Nathy Fluffy and paulo londra are just some of the dozens of artists who recorded a BZRP Music Session under the directives of bizarre, which in almost all cases became an instant hit. In the last five years, the productions of the man born in Ramos Mejía became a global phenomenon both for their numerical impact -millions of reproductions achieved within hours of the releases- and for their imprint on current pop culture. And that is why nobody wants to be left out of the phenomenon. Not even Daddy Brievawhich imitated Biza to record a “Peronist Session”.

It, titled “Dady Sessions #17-10” -number that makes clear reference to Peronist Loyalty Day- was issued in the last mailing of Peronism For All (C5N), the cycle that the humorist leads. In the video, with an aesthetic similar to the clips from the BZRP Music Sessions, Dady appears wearing a muscle shirt from Colón de Santa Fe -a team of which he is a fan- and with a cap similar to that of the producer, although with the legend of the House of Memory Jorge “Nono” Lizasoa militancy space of the Peronist Youth founded by the aforementioned Montonero militant, who was disappeared in the hands of the last civic-military dictatorship.

“A freestyle where he covers part of his history, shares his ideals and tells part of the essence of the new program”, reads the epigraph of the video when it was shared on the station’s social networks. In the style of rapper texts, the lyrics that the comedian raps with little expertise do not give rise to interpretations or double meanings. It is quite direct.

Daddy Brieva in the "peronist session" in the style of Bizarrap
Dady Brieva in the “Peronist session” in the style of Bizarrap

“I am a militant actor, I am now and I have been before / since kindergarten I play the whole thing / never in parts / What I think of the future / I would like to tell you / ‘The truth is a spur / using it is a shame’ / My grandmother used to tell me that when I was a child she took me to school / The truth even if it hurts, like when a tooth hurts: / I hope time passes and we are Venezuela”, he quips in the first verse.

“Few rich people, many poor people / like in Chile because they take the copper / Disguising plunder as a noble cause / they turn around every time an envelope arrives / The powerful sends for better than a poor one / Do you want to go to the mud ? / I splash mud around the edges / we are going to exchange a pawn for a rook / Today I declare it to you with emotion / I am going to follow the legacy of Evita and Perón”, continues the comedian’s rap.

Then, he also defines himself: “I am the son of the wolf that raised Rómulo and Remo / I advance, I never fear / I am the Dady, nothing less, I am a Peronist / and in case it was not clear, we are the good ones ” .

“I am the son of the wolf that raised Rómulo and Remo / I advance, I never fear / I am Dady, nothing less, I am a Peronist”, intones Dady Brieva in his “peronist session”

“The people invented Perón and in our land the drum sounds loud through the streets / rompom-pom-pom / And there is no reason because it is a passion. I know that it is like that, it is not a feeling / it is a wish for my homeland, my land, as my grandfather would have wanted it”, Dady insists to characterize the militancy.

“Some issues are personal. I want democracy, not feudal lords or their paper truth stories. I want to be able to hear the other bell too / Together we will do it / Let our voices be heard! Who the fuck could stop us? ”, She says in the last verse and ends with “I do this to have fun, to have fun ”, just like Resident in its sessions against J Balvin.

In social networks, the reactions were not long in coming and, as usually happens with this type of content, they were divided: very in favor and very against the humorist’s expression.

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