Dalma Maradona was moved to remember Diego and spoke about the fight he gave against addictions: “I saw him suffer”

Dalma Maradona spoke with an open heart about Diego’s addictions

In an emotional interview with Gaston Pauls, Dalma Maradona He spoke like never before about the addictions of his father, Diego Maradona, at the start of the third season of free beingsthe program that is broadcast on Fridays Chronicle HD. Very moved, Diez’s daughter openly referred to the relationship she had with the deceased athlete and the hard moments of his drug addiction and the consequences that this brought to his entire family.

At the start of the program, pauls He told him that he was nervous because there is something “emotional in the middle” for having been going to Diego and telling him: “Crazy, come with me on this one too”, taking into account the driver’s relationship with drugs, openly a cocaine user for many years, that are already behind

After that, Dalma calmed him down: “I come here because I love you and your family. I feel that it is a place where I can feel calm and be able to talk, so calm down.

Regarding the axis of the talk -addictions- the sister of Gianinna she assured that she always made a great effort “to be neat, educated and very measured in everything” that is why she assured that “I am not addicted to anything and because of the history that I bring, I would not approach anything that I know could generate an addiction”.

Dalma Maradona was moved to remember Diego and spoke about the fight he gave against addictions:
Dalma Maradona was moved to remember Diego and spoke about the fight he gave against addictions: “I saw him suffer”

In this context, she told some anecdotes about when she was a girl and -although she did not realize what was happening due to her young age- she said that her father used to tell her when she was older the things that happened and what she did at that time. “Once he was in the bathroom drinking and I was 3 or 4 years old and I knocked on the door and I didn’t stop doing it until he had to throw everything away and come out and talk to me. And he told me: you were saving me that way, ”she said excitedly, although she clarified that at that time she did not know what her father made of her.

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He also recounted another particular episode: “Another one that I remember is when he campaigned Sun without drugs, It was the first time he talked about how he started using drugs and what his life was like with respect to drugs. I was very young, I was 6, 7 years old and I asked my mom and dad if I could witness the note. My mom said no, because it wasn’t a vocabulary for a girl my age and my dad said yes, ‘if she’s going to read it and it’s going to be everywhere, my daughter can perfectly be by my side’”.

However, Dalma assured that she never detected the moments in which Diego he was under the influence of drugs: “I never recorded a situation of saying ‘oops this got ugly’, I didn’t have bad moments with him thinking ‘oops he was using’ because he took great care of himself to take care of my sister and me and my mom also took great care of us. I do have records of seeing things about him and saying ‘clearly he was not well here,’ ”she admitted.

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Later, she recalled that her father always said “’Dalma is the one who makes me comfortable, the one who challenges me, she already looks at me and I already know that I have to be fine’; And I often feel that this was my role with him, “she explained about his relationship, and assured that she always continues to defend him and that” with his mistakes and his failures I admire him more every day.

Asked about cocaine, she maintained that “when I heard the word cocaine from a girl, it made me nervous; I didn’t know what to do and now there is nothing that makes it clearer that I want to keep her away, in my life and in the lives of the people who are related to me”. And she stated: “I am not curious to try it. It has to do with my life story, I saw him suffer and fight against it, with all his weapons.

And he continued talking about his father’s relationship with drugs: “Many people told me ‘you’re not the mom’ but I felt that I could help him, I could get him out like nobody else could. He was my dad and for him to be well I did anything. That was my role.”

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He also said that “I saw my father as a child in his luminous parts.” And he expanded: “Already being big, a ball would appear and his face would light up. Not even in a child did I see it so clearly, an eternal child, from ‘having nothing to having everything’ and pursuing his dream of playing ball… he always wanted to protect that child”.

Dalma Maradona spoke with an open heart about Diego’s addictions

She was also proud that “he always hung the medal on me saying ‘Dalma was the one who got me off drugs.’ She’s done, with that I don’t have to explain anything else to anyone. Nor my relationship with him, because he explained in one sentence who I was to him.

Finally, she spoke of her father’s death: “I have been very angry for two years and a bit. Because he went out so many times that one believes that this will never happen. I never put him in God’s position at all. In fact, I did a piece explaining why it wasn’t like that for me. But I am very angry for not having my dad, because I miss him every day of my life.”

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