Delfina Chaves’ path to being Máxima Zorreguieta in the series of her life: “I never imagined an opportunity like this”

Delfina Chaves will play Máxima Zorreguieta in the biographical series of the Queen of the Netherlands (Video: @videolandonline)

“Ik ben Delfina Chaves in ik speel Maxima Zorreguieta in de nieuwe Videoland series maximum“, says Delphine Chaves in the Dutch language to announce to the world what will be her new job in the series in which she will put herself in the shoes of the Queen of the Netherlands. Translated into Spanish, the Argentine actress looks at the camera and introduces herself to the world: “I am Delfina Chaves and I play Máxima Zorreguieta in the new series maximum of Videoland”. In the same video as the ad, he also reads an excerpt from the script and repeats some dialogues.

The 27-year-old will star in the series alongside the 29-year-old Dutch actor Martin Lakemeierwho will play the king of the Netherlands william alexander. This was reported on its official Instagram accounts by the Dutch online service provider that makes streaming productions: “Delfina Chaves and Martijn Lakemeier play Máxima and Willem-Alexander in our new series! maximum! See you next year”.

For this, the sister of Paula Chaves years traveled to Amsterdam (Capital of the Netherlands) to be part of the event in which the news was made public and shared on his own social networks photos and videos of the announcement about his new work with international projection and with which he will take an important leap in his artistic career .

“I never imagined an opportunity like this,” wrote Delfina Chaves about the series that will premiere in 2024, will have six 50-minute episodes and whose filming will take place in Argentina (Buenos Aires), United States (NY), Spain (Seville) and Holland (Amsterdam).

Delfina Chaves and Martijn Lakemeier will play Máxima and Guillermo Alejandro
Delfina Chaves and Martijn Lakemeier will play Máxima and Guillermo Alejandro

Born on February 19, 1996 in WolvesBuenos Aires province, Delphine Chaves She debuted as an actress at the age of 16. concubines (2012), the eltrece sitcom starring her sister Paula and her brother-in-law, Pedro Alfonso. The following year she took the stage for the first time and was part of the play madness tripwith whom he toured the entire country.

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In 2014, he starred in the musical emotional creaturedirected by Fernando Denteand in that same year he made a special participation in the Telefe program Your face is familiar to me, in which he imitated one of the members of One Direction. In 2015, she won a Nuevas Miradas en la Televisión award for best actress for her character in the unitary. the house of the sea -starring Juan Gil Navarro and Gloria Carrá- in which she played the missing granddaughter of a senator. And the following year she was part of the cast of The lioness (2016), with Nancy Dupláa and Pablo Echarri for Telefe.

He continued on the Telefe screen and was in love after love (2017), with Mariano Martínez, Isabel Macedo, Eleonora Wexler and Federico Amador, and that same year he made his film debut in the film Debacle –directed by Claudia Pérez-, in which he had romantic scenes with the character of Monica Antonopoulos. In 2018, he was in edhathe Netflix series starring Juana Viale.

The important leap in his career at the national level was in 2019 when he played Lucia Morel in ATAV, the period novel produced by Polka in which he starred alongside Benjamin Vicuna, Gonzalo Heredia, Eugenia China Suarez and the Spanish actor albert baro by the screen of eltrece. Thanks to that role, she won a Notirey award for best daily actress and was nominated for best new actress at the Produ Awards.

Delfina Chaves, Benjamín Vicuña and the Spanish Albert Baró in Argentina Land of Love and Vengeance
Delfina Chaves, Benjamín Vicuña and the Spanish Albert Baró in Argentina Land of Love and Vengeance

Then it was part of the movie the hunch from Netflix (directed by Alejandro Montiel), sequel to the film Lossin which he played Gloriana Marquez, a young woman who is mysteriously murdered. She also starred in the web series Inside, Broadcast by YouTube.

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In 2021, it was the turn of Victoria, avenging psychologist (Amazon Prime Video) and rooster days (HBO Max), in 2022 he was in The secret of the Greco family (Netflix). And next March 24 it can be seen in Ringo, glory and death (Star+), playing Dora Raffa Bonavena, the boxer’s widow oscar Ringo bonavena.

Delfina Chaves and Jerónimo Giocondo Bosia for the Ringo series, by Star+
Delfina Chaves and Jerónimo Giocondo Bosia for the Ringo series, by Star+

In another of the videos that Delfina Chaves shared on her Instagram account about the presentation of the series maximum in Amsterdam she is seen recounting her reaction when she was confirmed to be playing the Queen of the Netherlands. “Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. I got in my car, drove to my dad’s, and I was shaking,” recalled Miguel Chaves’s daughter, adding that she had started studying Dutch: “I swear to God I’m working really, really hard on it.”

The publication with the announcement of the Argentine actress had almost 40,000 likes in a few hours and among the hundreds of comments those of her friends and colleagues were ignored Oriana Sabatini, Ángela Torres and María del Cerro. Paula ChavezFor her part, she dedicated a post to her on her own social network in which she was proud of her achievements in her acting career. “I come to show off my sister,” wrote the model and host next to the announcement of her new job.

Paula and Delfina Chaves
Paula and Delfina Chaves

In February of last year, the Dutch media Story had reported that the series maximum is based on a book by the Dutch journalist Marcia Luyten called Homeland about the early years of Máxima Zorreguieta. And they announced that the series will capture Máxima’s youth, when she leaves her native Argentina and begins her career in Wall Street (New York) and meets Prince William of the Netherlands in 1999 in Seville (Spain).

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“For the first time we will also see what went on behind the palace gates in the lead up to the most talked about wedding of all time,” he said. Peter van der Vorstprogramming director of RTL Nederland -the media chain on which Videoland depends-, referring to the marriage of Máximo and Guillermo, on February 2, 2002.

“The production will be set on three continents and will be one of the most expensive dramas ever made in the Netherlands. We cannot wait to bring the book to life, ”she added at that time, when they had not yet confirmed that Delfina Chaves would be the actress who would play the queen.

Delfina Chaves in the presentation of the Máxima series (@delfichaves)
Delfina Chaves in the presentation of the Máxima series (@delfichaves)

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