Disturbing videos of rocket launchers printed in 3D by civilians

A report by Vice warns about the proliferation of amateur civil projects what are they trying print in 3d anti-tank rocket launcher. A technology that has been accelerated by the invasion of Ukraine.

Since 3D printers were invented, almost the first thing their early adopters tried was to 3D print guns. Such is human nature.

Although dangerous, a gun cannot be compared to a rocket launcher able to destroy a house, or a tank. Buying a real one is almost impossible, because of how expensive they are and how closely guarded they are. But if anyone can print them at her house with a 3d printerthings change.

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3D printed rocket launcher in testing phase

He vice report talks about a group called D&S Creationswhich has 3D printed the AT-4 anti-tank rocket launcherwith mixed results.

The weapon works, but as you can see in the video below, it is not able to aim correctly. The rocket misses the target most of the time:

Besides must be triggered remotelysince on one occasion it even exploded.

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This group views these low cost weapons wow a method of defense for Ukraine, that could be activated with a drone.

More aim seems to have the M202 Flash rocket launcher created by Wild Arms Research and Developmentwhich has specialized in creating all kinds of weapons with 3D printer:

In this case, they do have enough accuracy, although to avoid legal problems, they have only used ammunition that falls within the legal terms.

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It is clear that they are only prototypes, but it is also true that they are not long before they are real weapons of war. they can even be print the shells themselves in 3D.

The possibility that rocket launcher capable of fly a tank, or a house, are in the hands of civilians and have been created with a 3D printer, it is really worrying. Especially since this can lead to an escalation with unforeseeable consequences. But how to stop it?

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