Domitila and Fred go to the White Room of BBB23. know more

The White Room is back and it has stirred the spirits of BBB23. This Wednesday (8/3), the participants of the reality show woke up to a very different “guest” in the garden of the house: a button. Whoever pressed first would be brought into the dynamic and would still have to choose another participant. Domitila was the brave one and activated the object. On top of that, she took Fred with her to the activity.

Unlike the other days, when the inmates are woken up by the production of the program, the alarm clock guaranteed a little more sleep to the siblings Is sisters

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How will the dynamic work?

Tadeu Schmidt announced the return of the White Room on BBB23. The presenter confirmed the hints previously launched by Boninho and explained how the dynamic will work, which starts this Wednesday (3/7). The one who presses the button first goes to the White Room and tells a person to accompany him. Both people will be left out of the next Leader’s Trial.

Arriving at the White Room, the two participants will engage in a long duel inside a car. The one who loses goes to Paredão. Whoever wins is immune and wins the car. The deadline is Thursday’s program (9/3). If none of them have given up, the result will be held live. See:

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