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The reason why I had to leave was because they started looking for my son and since he had had problems they had stabbed me. I tried to talk to them to find a solution and even gave $800 to get them to leave him alone.

The problem is that my son was one of the “Latin Kings” and it has been very difficult to get out of that. Now, as a son, he now has his wife and his son already wants to get out of it and recently he decided to confront these people and even one who is called “king of kings”, hit him and from there they want to kill him, so I don’t know what do.

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I talked to that person and he even threatened to kill me too if I kept interfering. But I’m going to keep doing it because he’s my son.

I filed the complaint and they told me to move house. I lived in the south and I went to the intermission, which is quite far away, but they located us. They found me in a bakery and they threatened me and although I’m not afraid of them, my son is there.

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One Friday at 5 or 6 in the afternoon there was a shooting and they sent a shot to my window. They went by shouting: “We’re going to catch you monkey, you’re dead.” The next day we decided to go out. I went to Guayaquil to balance everything and I was thinking of leaving it there, but a year ago they had located it there.

This is like a mafia, you can’t just leave like that. So, when my son was stabbed, I decided to do something because he already wants to get out of it, but it has been super complicated.

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I leave behind my children of 16 and 17 years. I adore all three of them, but it’s time to fight. My idea is to go to the United States for five years, I don’t want to stay any longer. Work and teach my children, because what they want is to study medicine. What one is interested in is that they get their profession and that’s as far as I get.

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