Edith Hermida’s new boyfriend spoke and provided details about his relationship with the panelist: “She makes me shine”

Edith Hermida’s boyfriend confirmed the relationship: “I am his adventure partner” (Video: Radio One)

After Edith Hermida confirmed last March his separation from Robert Sweet potato Fernandez After 18 years as a couple and a daughter in common, Amparo, the panelist began a new stage in her life. A few months ago, her coworkers at Bendita, the El Nueve cycle, surprised her when she set up a fake account for him on a dating social network.

His colleagues decided to create a fake Tinder profile for him that they presented in a hilarious way on the profile of instagram of the program. “The promised is debt, during Blessed’s Preview -a reference to the classic segment that comes out every Wednesday on the cycle’s official YouTube channel- we put together a Tinder profile for La Chiru and this came out,” they said in reference to Hermida. And they presented the image looked like in the application, with its characteristic buttons and the data of the driver –Edith, the chiruHermida, 52 (years) – about an image of her in a bathing suit, enjoying a full summer day on the deck of a yacht.

“Queries by DM”, finished off in the first part of the publication. In the next one, they presented her to the host with a slightly more playful photo, with a low-cut nightdress posing sensually on a bed. “I am a serial enjoyer of life”, was read as the first epigraph and as a text attributed to Edith.

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And then, part of the requirements: “I am looking for men between 30 and 60 years of age. It is essential that they have a good mood and that they laugh at my jokes”. “They cannot be lashings and they have to be gentlemen”, it was stated at the end of the publication as the last of the requirements for Edith’s suitors.

Edith Hermida's boyfriend confirmed the relationship that unites them (Photo: Instagram)
Edith Hermida’s boyfriend confirmed the relationship that unites them (Photo: Instagram)

“Chiru is going to find a good chongo, they’ll see!” A follower of the program celebrated in the comments. “She’s too big, let them take turns,” said another, “Come on! I find the profile”, another gambled and “Men!!!! Is there anyone who is not in love with Edith? It’s possible? I don’t think so…”, was one of the many comments that the publication in question received.

However, there was nothing to suggest, at that moment, that Hermida would fall in love again with nothing less than a co-worker. Mariano Tabares is also a producer on Radio 10, where he shares work and life with the panelist.

The influencer Juariu was the one who broke the news after an investigation on social networks, and on this occasion, it was Tabares himself, 14 years her junior, who confirmed the relationship he has with Beto Casella’s partner. On Radio One she gave details of the bond they maintain. After a photo that circulated on the panelist’s Instagram account where she was seen on vacation in Brazil enjoying the beach with Tabares, he broke the silence.

Juariu's post with the news of the relationship between Edith Hermida and Mariano Tabares (Photo: Instagram)
Juariu’s post with the news of the relationship between Edith Hermida and Mariano Tabares (Photo: Instagram)

“I am with a person who is known. I am in the best way that I can be. Trying to do him good, ”she said at the beginning of the impromptu interview that she set up in the radio studio where she works. “I am with Edith, yes, because she is a great person. From the professional as a producer, which is what I like to do the most, to the personal, if she needs me to mate her, to travel, because she was definitely a great adventure companion, ”she assured.

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Always thinking of the present and without projecting too much into the future, the producer continued. “I say ‘it was’, I don’t even know if it will continue to be. That was today, that was yesterday and tomorrow we will see. What do I know If she needs me tomorrow, I’ll be there. But for my family, for the people I love, it seems to me that this is the best way to have a relationship with someone.”

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Meanwhile, the radio producer referred to the feelings that unite them. “I had such a bad time at some other time that I want to enjoy this. She makes me shine, makes me happy, something that doesn’t happen to me often and if I can do the same with her, welcome. Brilliant”.

Edith Hermida's boyfriend gave details of the relationship with the panelist (Photo: Radio One)
Edith Hermida’s boyfriend gave details of the relationship with the panelist (Photo: Radio One)

He immediately completed: “She is the person who made me the happiest… By far,” Tabares defined and added: “And I would like her to say the same. Obvious. I would like her to die of love for me ”.

To conclude, he tried to define the relationship that he is beginning to build. “I introduced myself as his new adventure partner. That is what I am. For now, this is what we’ve come to.”

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