Eliana Guercio presented her son Luca on television: the incredible resemblance to Chiquito Romero

Eliana Guercio introduced her son Luca

Eliana Guercioactress and footballer’s wife Sergio Romeroand currently a panelist for EPA!program broadcast by America He filled the channel’s studio with tenderness by presenting Luca, his youngest son, to society. And it is quite an event since she herself was always reluctant to publish images of the minor, as she recognized a few weeks ago in the cycle.

“As a mother, it happens to me that I practically do not upload anything about my baby because I am afraid of this (criticism). The baby is now eleven months old,” she had recounted recently. In fact, just a week ago, when the minor turned one, she posted a video in which she can be seen enjoying the moment. “One question, Luqui, do you know who ate all the cake?” asks the mother at the image of him with a face full of chocolate.

Now, a week after the video was posted on Instagram, it was the minor’s turn to face the television cameras for the first time. “An Eliana Guercio appeared out there, which comes with a surprise today. Welcome, Eli!” he commented. Nicolas Magaldiin front of the cycle, at which point he focused on the panelist, who was carrying Luca in his arms.

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Visibly upset, despite the emotional moment that was being experienced, she reproached “They wouldn’t let me come to work, I’m also without electricity, but I tried to come”, in clear reference to the different street closures that affect traffic, at times in that in the middle of the heat wave there are a large number of users without electrical service, and consequently, without water.

Eliana Guercio questioned a measure from her children’s school: “I do not agree with mixed bathrooms”

“I couldn’t get there, I don’t have water, I don’t have electricity, I don’t have internet, I don’t have a phone, I don’t have anything, but look, I have this hottie, who looks at us every day”, to make way for the camera take Luca, or as Magaldi clarified: “The real little Romero”.

As she explained, the fact that the minor who turned one year old on February 9 appears on television also responds to the situation that is being experienced: “I took him out of the house, I was not going to leave him, he was dying of heat and no water to hose it off.”

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Also the mother of Jazmín, Chloe and Meghan, a few days ago Guercio got into a controversy about shared bathrooms in schools. Referring to the measure adopted by a classic school in Ituzaingó, during his program, he shot: “A traditional school is renewed to combat gender inequalities, one of the most outstanding institutions in Ituzaingó has changed some things from the ESI ( Comprehensive Sexual Education). This school had the wonderful idea of ​​creating mixed bathrooms”.

In an ironic and indignant manner, he explained his position: “It seems to me a measure that should be taken together with the parents, I have three girls and I would not like it, because we do not have education in any of the social strata, it is not a question after school, I don’t want my daughter to go to the bathroom with a man who feels exposed to anything that could happen”.

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At that moment, a debate arose between the panelists, and she added: “Look, I was in Belgium and there the bathrooms are for boys and girls, and you can’t choose to go to the girls’, or the boys’, or the one that doesn’t.” has gender. You go to the one where the boys and girls go and there is no tutía, and they are swinging doors that you see from above the guy who is inside with his back and legs. I went in and said ‘okay, let’s go, we won’t pee all the way to the hotel’, because I’m not going to take my girls to pee in a bathroom that has 3 centimeters of light between the door joints, I don’t like it”.

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