Elon Musk is a plus for animal lovers

Tesla once again proves that it stands out from other manufacturers – in this case, that it also thought about passengers in the form of animals. In the latest software update for its cars, it includes new plugs, including – dog mode.

It is activated with the push of a button and provides control over the temperature inside the car and regulates it to a safe value regardless of the season. In addition, it displays information on a large touch panel inside the car that the dog locked in the car has the right conditions and that the owner will be back soon – this is for those who would consider breaking the window to save the quadruped.

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Another convenience is sentry mode – guard mode – which, when activated, will make a parked and locked car look after itself. External cameras will constantly monitor the space around the car, and when they detect even the slightest movement or touch, e.g. a person leaning against the mask, the system will go into standby mode, display a notification on the touch panel and start recording the image from the cameras. In the event of a threat, e.g. breaking a window, it will start a “disco” aimed at scaring away a potential burglar – it will set the maximum brightness of the dashboard and the speakers will start playing music at the highest volume. If this enhanced alarm is triggered, the owner will be notified via the Tesla mobile app. This “guard” also needs to be activated with the appropriate button when we find that additional security is needed. You must remember to connect an external drive to the USB port – otherwise the image from the cameras will not be saved.

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The new update is already available on the Model 3, and will soon be available on S and X models produced after August 2017.

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