First trailer for BlackBerry, the film about the legendary mobile brand

After receiving rave reviews at various film festivals, the May 12 reaches the cinemas the expected docudrama blackberrywhich tells the true story of the rise and fall of the mythical brand of BlackBerry mobiles. you can see the trailer at the opening of the news.

at the end of the 90’sa decade before the arrival of the iPhone or Android, mobile phones were used to make calls either send SMS. They had keys, but they were just numbers to call. Nokia and Motorola dominated the market.

In 1996, two engineering friends, the mythical visionary Mike Lazaridis (played by Jay Baruchel) and Douglas “Doug” Fregin (Matt Johnson), have an idea that could make them millionaires: take the email from computers to the mobiles. They devised a mobile with keyboard that allowed to write texts quickly, using the thumbs.

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The invention had a future, but they had no idea of ​​marketing, so they hired the business predator Jim Balsillie (Glenn Howerton), who agreed to commercialize his idea in exchange for keeping 50% of the company, and becoming CEO. Thus BlackBerry was born.

The history of BlackBerry, mobile phones with a keyboard

Thanks to the revolutionary design of the BlackBerry mobilesand to the commercial vision of Jim Balsillie, BlackBerry became the most popular mobile among executives and companiessince it allowed them to make phone calls and send emails, something vital at that time.

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It was also a great success among users who used the Messenger to exchange messages, becoming the social media pioneer.

blackberry He lived a decade of glory, but Jim Balsillie was carried away by his greed, launching poorly polished phones to make money. The lace came with the presentation of the iPhone, in 2007: a mobile with touch screen that no longer needed a physical keyboard, because it allowed you to press with your fingers on a virtual keyboard on the screen itself.


The blackberry movie is based on the book The Loss of Signal: The Untold Story of BlackBerry’s Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fallby Jacquie McNish. It is shot as if it were a DVD from the 90s, with muted colors and low definition, as can be seen in the trailer.

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This docudrama aims to be a faithful portrayal of the blackberry historybut some touches of humor have been introduced in the dialogues, to make it more entertaining for the non-geek mobile viewer.

The movie blackberry is directed by Matt Johnson, with a script by the director himself and by Matt Miller. Also in the cast are Cary Elwes, Saul Rubinek, Rich Sommer, Martin Donovan and the legendary Michael Ironside. It opens in cinemas he May 12 in United States. We don’t have dates in Spain yet.

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