Fito Páez’s girlfriend talked about her relationship with the musician: “We met on Facebook”

Fito Páez’s girlfriend told how the relationship with the musician began (America)

The relationship goes back a long way. However, interviewed by THE M on the occasion of the 60th birthday of fito paez, Eugenia Kolodziej He gave details of how his courtship began with the creator of Tecknicolor butterfly. “We met on Facebook 9 years ago. And she painted love, one day we got together to have a drink and we got to this point, ”said the young woman in dialogue with Alejandro Castelo.

When describing Fito’s virtues in everyday life, Eugenia assured that he was “re entertaining” when it came to talking. “To chat, to share, everything,” said the young woman. And she recognized that, although she knew him, she was not a fervent admirer of his. “I had heard his music and stuff. And she had seen him once at a recital, but she was not like that a fan fan,” she explained.

She then made it clear that, although she really liked his music, she was not a follower of Fito. How was the first exchange in networks? “Actually, I commented on a photo and he looks like he saw the comment. I put: ‘You kill’. I didn’t put anything fancy on it, either,” she said. And she clarified: “Actually it was because it kills, because it has a tremendous vibe. So he wrote to me, there we started talking and good vibes ”.

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In any case, Eugenia’s first reaction was surprise and disbelief. “When she wrote to me, I did not answer her, because he did not appear as Fito Páez, he had another name. And I didn’t think it was him. So I nailed it down. But after a few days passed, I stalked that account a bit and realized it was him. That’s where I answered him, ”she recounted. And she pointed out that this is how the story began. What would you say about the musician? “That I love him with all my heart,” the 28-year-old concluded.

Fito Páez and Eugenia Kolodziej on the red carpet of the Grammys (REUTERS / Steve Marcus)
Fito Páez and Eugenia Kolodziej on the red carpet of the Grammys (REUTERS / Steve Marcus)

Minutes before, Fito had given an interview to Andy Kusnetzoff in the cycle street dogs, by Urban Play. And he made a strong criticism of the country’s political leadership. “What do we know how to do in Argentina? poor, man”, he assured. “And yes…”, the driver replied while they were driving in a private van until they reached the radio studios, where the musician wanted to celebrate his birthday. “For me and the family it is a very beautiful moment. And it gives me the feeling that through you I could share it for a little while with all the people who listen to you, and with the whole country”, highlighted the musician.

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“That is what we know how to do very well,” Fito continued about the national situation. And he added: “And that deserves self-criticism from the political class, from leaders at all levels.” In this regard, he compared his role as an artist with that of those who occupy a place in politics. “We don’t direct, we make the music, we put the words and we tell the time, but we don’t manage the countries, we don’t have the responsibility. The people who deal with it, who are assembled to carry out this task, need to make a self-criticism in front of all of us, che ”, he considered. And he warned: “That is strong. Really, huh. If not, this will never start.”

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So, Andy gave him his opinion regarding music and how it helps in difficult times. “But what is not good is that it is a substitute, as happened with the World Cup, did you see? ‘We are doing like hell, we are world champions, boom’. Three days passed and everything came back,” said the musician. And he pointed out: “So, it is an illusion, clearly, among which we Argentines cannot live. We deserve, like all the people in the world, to have a dignified life, a job, a fullness. For everyone, obviously. That is the objective and ultimately always return to the original concept: What is politics? it is the search for the common good”.

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