Forbidden Foods You Should Never Cook in an Air Fryer

Oil-free air fryers have come to stay in our kitchens, as that new friendly appliance that will help us create elaborate, very tasty and above all healthy dishes.

However, there are certain people who rely too much on their oil free air fryertrying to cook practically any product inside it, subsequently affecting its operation.

And it is that the oil free air fryers They are more designed for certain types of food and cooking in particular, so you should avoid cooking a batch of prohibited foods that we are going to list below, giving you the corresponding reason.

So if you were planning to make your favorite dish this weekend with your new oil-free air fryer, read this article first, lest your new tech gadget go to waste by using one of the following forbidden foods.

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Forbidden Foods You Should Never Cook in an Air Fryer

Although a lot of food can be made in the air fryer without oil, there are some that you should not introduce, either because they may affect the operation of the appliance or basically because they will turn out poorly cooked.

And as we said earlier, there are a number of food that you should never put in a fryer of air without oil, and perhaps the most striking are those foods with cheese or cheese directly.

This is because introducing cheese products into the air fryer without oil, when melted, can end up being introduced through some conduit of the appliance and spoil it. Also, cheese, by melting so fast, is likely to burn and then make the device very difficult to clean.

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neither should you cook red meatnot because it is dangerous, but because this type of food requires much more careful and elaborate cooking.

If you put red meat into an air fryer without oil, you’ll never get the meat right, and it’s likely to end up really dry.

If you were thinking of surprising your friends with some good Popcornforget it, you should never put popcorn in an air fryer without oil, basically because the corn increases its volume a lot with the heat, and on top of that it shoots out, with which you already imagine that, if it entered through some duct in the fryer, it could end up affecting its operation.

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And another food that you should never put in the air fryer without oil are liquids and saucesvery similar to the first point, because the liquids and sauces can end up splashing on the internal circuitry of the fryer and directly spoil it.

So you must be careful, if you want your oil-free air fryer to last as many years as possible, never put the above foods in it.

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