France: opposition files motion of censure against the Government for pension reform

The Government of Emmanuel Macron received the first motion of no confidence from the opposition on the morning of this Friday. The measure, which seeks to depose Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, was announced hours before due to the approval of the pension reform in France.

This Thursday, the government party approved the pension reform by decree despite the rejection of citizenship. Thus, Borne announced before the National Assembly (Lower House of the Legislature), that he would use article 49.3, a constitutional paragraph in which a law can be approved without the need for legislators to discuss or vote on a project. After Borne’s announcement, opposition parliamentarians announced that “this government must fall”, for having ignored the popular representation of France in Congress.

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It is important to clarify that in the event that the motion of censure gathers the necessary legislative support, the government led by Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne would fall, but not Macron, who even threatened to dissolve the Assembly elected less than a year ago in the event of a setback for his reform.

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“The vote on this motion will allow us to emerge from a deep political crisis,” said the chairman of the LIOT parliamentary group, Bertrand Pancher.

The opposition needs the vote of 287 deputies for the motion of no confidence to go ahead, something complicated by the refusal to vote in favor of the right-wing opposition group Los Republicanos (LR), in favor of the reform.

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The motion was signed by 91 deputies from various parties, announced the chairman of the centrist and regionalist LIOT parliamentary group, Bertrand Pancher.

However, that motion did not receive written support from any MPs from the conservative LR party, whose endorsements will be needed by the time it is voted on for it to succeed.

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The political group of Marine Le Pen, a politician who lost the presidential elections, plans to present its own motion, and the left-wing Nupes front announced its support for the LIOT initiative, which would need at least 30 votes to consider the censorship proposal viable. .

“The important thing,” said Le Pen, “is not who presents the motion, the important thing is that the government falls.”

“I call for the responsibility of all deputies to protect democracy,” said an opposition deputy, who stressed that there is “a deep political crisis.”

The regulations of the National Assembly establish that it is necessary to wait at least 48 hours between the presentation of a motion of censure and its debate and vote, for which reason this measure, which seeks to remove Borne from the head of government, would be discussed on Sunday in the afternoon.

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President Emmanuel Macron has not spoken in public, for the moment, nor has he manifested himself on social networks.

In at least half a dozen French cities, new demonstrations have been called for this afternoon in order to continue the protests that already began yesterday in Paris and other places against the approval of the pension reform by decree.

According to polls, two out of three French people oppose the law that plans to delay the retirement age from 62 to 64 years by 2030 and bring forward to 2027 the requirement to contribute 43 years, instead of 42 as now, to collect a pension complete.

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