Gerardo Rozín’s unprecedented interview with Ricardo Montaner at La Peña de Morfi: the journalist’s word that moved everyone

Ricardo Montaner’s anecdote with Gerardo Rozín

This Sunday began the eighth season of The Rock of Morfi. At 11:30 a.m., the Telefe screen showed Jey Mammon and Jessica Cirio, celebrating the return of the Sunday classic. One year after the death of Gerardo Rozín, they remembered the creator of the cycle and had Ricardo Montaner to talk about his friend via zoom. There they put on the air for the first time an emotional interview that he gave, shortly before he died, where the journalist showed his sensitivity.

At the beginning of the interview, the musician perceived that in Jésica there was a feeling of grief, of remembrance, of missing Gerardo, which is why he told her: “I feel your voice cracking, and that is Gerardo’s fault.” While he flattered Jey: “I think the channel couldn’t find a better person for a challenge like this than you.” In this sense, Montaner recalled a very personal dialogue that he had with the Rosario: “One day chatting with Gerardo, who was a guy full of doubts, that he needed his friends to strengthen him. We talked about the phrase from the house of music about the program together”.

This allowed him to generate an articulation with the challenge of Jey Mammon to take on the challenge of taking the helm of the cycle: “There was no better way, no substitute because it was impossible, a better person to lead the house of music than a guy like your Jey, who knows with his fingertips what is feel when the piano is played.

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As the artist revealed, Rozín consulted him before the start of each season of La Peña de Morfi and valued the space that the producer and conductor built to broadcast music on television. There was not a single interview between the journalist and Montaner. The last one found them in the assembly of the documentary Montaner Tango. “I chose it on purpose. I knew that she was not doing well, although I was completely sure that she was going to get out of there, ”she explained.

Gerardo Rozín's unprecedented interview with Ricardo Montaner
Gerardo Rozín’s unprecedented interview with Ricardo Montaner

“I generated this album for several years, we diagrammed it together with Gerardo. Our ‘partner’ Diego Núñez appeared to make this production. I made this documentary inviting Gerardo to be my interviewer. I knew that he needed a dose of enthusiasm, ”he explained. The memory brought with it a comical moment.

“Gerardo bought a blue suit especially for this interview. He premiered the suit with barbaric enthusiasm. When I got to the studios, it had been 5 minutes since he had arrived. He had fallen on the sidewalk. When I arrived, he told me: ‘Can you believe that I bought this brand new suit for your interview and when I got out of the car I fell?’ I told him: ‘Stay calm… If he got dirty, it won’t show.’ And he tells me: ‘No, I don’t care if I fall or not. What worries me is the money I spent, ”he recounted.

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After all the anecdotes, all the memories, a very special fragment was produced, since Mammón presented the last interview that Rozín carried out, which was precisely a one-on-one with Montaner, in the context of a very heartfelt conversation.

At one point in the talk, the singer turned the tables and began to ask the driver questions to surprise him with intimate sensations. “What conditions does a person have to have to win your friendship and your ability to listen? Because you’re a fucked up guy. Living with you must be fucked…”.

“I thank you very much,” Gerardo replied, as the singer explained his point. “You are very selective and I would like you to tell me what element someone has to have to be your friend. You also do not have so many friends, the ones you have named me are few and they are deep friends, truly close to you, ”he said.

Gerardo Rozín’s unprecedented interview with Ricardo Montaner

“My great curiosity is why you chose me,” he asked and, broken by emotion, Gerardo opened up. “I am a guy without faith, except when you talk to me,” he said. At that moment there was silence and they ended the conversation. “That. The term. Thank you,” said the singer. Back in the studio, Montaner recalled the special moment they lived through. “You don’t know how many times I’ve seen that ending, that interview. Many times, ”he concluded. And he was encouraged to tell that that day when they carried out the meeting the journalist “was no longer well”, although when the camera’s light came on the journalist was transformed and it was never noticed “how bad he was that day”.

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Let’s remember that in this new season of The Rock of Morfi, santiago giorgini will continue presenting its gastronomic proposals, along with Rodrigo Cascon and Mirta Carabajal. Besides, Campi and Pichu Straneo they joined the team with humor for the whole family. Besides, Eugenia Quibel in the locution, Ariel Rodríguez with all the news of the sport and the songs of the hand of the trio Two plus onecomplete the staff.

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