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Get to know the five companies that stand out in their sectors for using artificial intelligence | NNDC PHOTOS | ECONOMY

Netflix, adidas and Airbus They are not only leading companies in their respective sectors due to the large number of users they have, but also for the innovation they implement in their respective fields.

One of the most recent is undoubtedly the use of artificial intelligence (AI), which generates added value by offering competitive, decisive and lasting solutions to its clients.

Just like the aforementioned companies, more and more firms are betting on this technology, which will generate the second wave of digital transformation.

Powered by artificial intelligence, these and other companies have begun to collect and process data in novel ways to tap into the vast pool of unstructured knowledge of images, text, and data generated through the Internet of Things (IoT).

“90% of executives consider that artificial intelligence is an opportunity to revolutionize their businesses; however, less than 40% have managed to begin to capture its benefits”, highlights the study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

“Companies that take this great leap will achieve ‘digital supremacy’, as they will be able to offer highly personalized services or products at the right time and context,” said Joaquín Valle, Managing Director and Partner of BCG in Peru.

According to the report, these five companies have begun ramping up their AI initiatives:

Netflix: The famous streaming platform has captivated more than 100 million users in 190 countries using artificial intelligence and ‘big data’, which is the collection and analysis of large amounts of data.

These resources allow the company to select key aspects that audiences are looking for in a series. In this way, it creates competition based on customer preferences in real time and increases the company’s return on investment.

adidas: The German sports firm uses AI in its wide range of footwear based on 3D technology and a fully digitized production line. One of its latest releases, Alphaedge 4D, mixes traditional manufacturing with 3D printing. This shoe model was created from individual ‘data’ provided by athletes.

uber: Thanks to AI, the company has created an algorithm that allows it to detect if a user is in an ethylic state. This allows you to measure variables such as your walking speed and how much time you estimate to request a service. This system currently works in some cities in the United States.

ping an: Chinese insurer used AI to create a bot that acts like a virtual doctor. It receives the information of the patients of the Good Doctor clinics. With the data obtained, he is able to make a preliminary diagnosis that is later reviewed by real doctors, who draw up a treatment plan and prescriptions. This makes it possible to avoid creating long queues at health centers.

These clinics that are the size of a large telephone booth are available in 8 provinces of the Asian country.

Airbus: A good example of how AI is used is Airbus’ “Skywise” digital aviation platform. This system allows airlines and aircraft providers, who sign up to “Skywise”, to have access to more data than is available in their internal systems. Its predictive maintenance service improves the performance, safety and income of the company.

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