Give new life to your old television with this Android TV Box that drops to 42 euros

There is always a space to place a old tv that you no longer use: in the kitchen, in a room, to see recipes, to watch series without being disturbed, or from bed. All you need is a device to turn it into a Smart TV. And you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

The Android TV Box Turewell with Android 10 drops to only 42.49 eurossold on Amazon with free shipping.

An Android TV Box doesn’t just let you watch Netflix, Prime Video, etc., on an old TV. Also works like reproducer of your own videos, movies, music, etc and you can install thousands of apps: social networks, KODI, games, browser, etc. You have more information in these Tips and guide to buy an Android TV Box in 2023 and turn your television into a Smart TV.

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Android TV Box Turewell with Android 10 for only 42.49 euros

This Android TV Box Turewell is actually a mini pc who has a H616 processor with 4 cores, 4GB RAM and 32GB of storage. It works with Android 10.

Connects to TV via HDMI 2.0so you can stream video up to 6K and 30fpswith support of HDR. also plays 3d moviesif you have a 3D TV.

kodi nexus

Being a android device with access to the Google Play Storeyou can install thousands of apps, including those of the main streaming platforms. Some of them like Netflix or HBO Max are not available from the main store, you will have to look for the version of Android TV through apps like Aptoide or similar.

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And of course you can also play games, install social network applications, web pages, mail, Kodi, etc. All this managed with the included remote control.

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It connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi 5or wired connection 100Mbps Ethernet. It is also possible to stream from mobile to TV via DLNA or AirPlay.

Is a android tv box Simple, but for this price you’re going to be able to access a lot of different features on an old TV.

get the Android TV Box Turewell with Android 10 drops to only 42.49 eurossold on Amazon with free shipping.

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