Gloria Pérez praises Cássia Kis after a sequence in Travessia

The author Gloria Pérez used social networks this Wednesday afternoon (3/8) to praise the performance of Cássia Kis in the Travessia episode broadcast on Tuesday (3/7). In the sequence, Cássia’s character, Cidália, discovers that Ari (Chay Suede) couped the company Guerra (Humberto Martins) and became a shareholder.

“What an actress!! Cássia, it is a privilege to work with you!!”, wrote Gloria.

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Recently, Gloria and Cássia became a meme on social networks after a fire hit the Globo studios, better known as Projac.

It turns out that the setting of the soap opera Toda Flores was the main one affected by the fire. Internet users were quick to comment that the two would be “guilty” of the fire, to try to put an end to the competition from the soap opera Travessia.

At that time, netizens commented that Globo should have put All Flowers in its prime time, while Travessia should only air on Globoplay.

The web, then, wasted no time and linked Gloria, Cássia and even Jade Picon to the Projac fire. “Gloria Pérez, Cássia Kis and Jade Picon after setting fire to the Todos as Flores studios in Projac,” joked an Internet user.

“URGENT CALL: Gloria Pérez is the prime suspect in burning down the quaint town of #TodasAsFlores,” said another. “Gloria Pérez trying to sabotage All Flowers,” laughed a third.

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