Google Maps allows you to visit the interior of Chernobyl and it is chilling

One of those apps navigation What you are surely using is Google Maps, not only in your vehicle, but also when you are on foot, and it is that it helps us to reach our destination in a much easier way, especially if we use the Street View view.

Thanks to Street View from google mapswe will be able to immerse ourselves in each of the areas, and move 360° through them, which is ideal to know what our destination will be like and to be able to recognize any area, even if we are not there.

Surely you have ever used Google Maps Street View to feel like you were traveling to another country, but perhaps what you did not know is that you can access Chernobyl itself.

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And it is that the area is completely closed and absolutely no one lives, since one of the nuclear reactors of the power plant exploded in 1986.

The area is still radioactive and will remain so for hundreds of years to come, and meanwhile scientists are monitoring the surrounding area. Specifically, we now have a 30 km exclusion zone where you cannot live.

However, with proper documentation, many tourists are approaching the area in a series of toursand they have not hesitated to take photographs and later hang them on Google Maps.

So with all this material, we will be able to visit the exclusion zone of Chernobylincluding inside the reactors, using the application Google navigation with spectacular snapshots.

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So you can “visit” Chernobyl

If you want to access the Chernobyl forbidden zone, simply enter Google Maps through the application or through any browser.

Then in the app’s search engine type “Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Pripyat, kyiv Oblast, Ukraine” and select the satellite view.

You will be able to access the surroundings of the nuclear reactor through Street View, but as far as the interior area of ​​the reactor is concerned, it is through the different 360° snapshots that we have available through blue dots.

Google Maps allows you to visit the interior of Chernobyl and it is chilling

In this way, if you go to the “Chernobyl Reactor #4” area, you must click on the blue dots that appear in it to access the 360° photographs.

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If they don’t appear on the map, simply drag the orange doll located at the bottom right of the interface to that area, and place it on one of the blue dots.

Google Maps allows you to visit the interior of Chernobyl and it is chilling

Once you have done so, you will enter an area where you can select different snapshots and levels (look in the right area of ​​the interface).

Undoubtedly, one of the unknown places that you can visit on Google Maps, and thanks to many people who have been able to visit the area in recent years, we can see a current reality that is still very sad.

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