Google Unveils New AI-Infused Tools for Individuals, Developers, and Businesses

The generative artificial intelligence It became popular just a few months ago, but it’s already taking everything by storm. It has put giants like Microsoft, Meta, or Google. Sundar Pichai’s company has just presented its new tools with integrated generative AIfocused on individuals, developers and companies.

Generative artificial intelligence, which we have all tested with tools such as ChatGPT or Stable Diffusion, is characterized by the fact that it is capable of generate new content from a few small orders or guidelines in text: photos, drawings, documents, audio, video, code, summaries, searchesetc.

Microsoft has taken the lead with the integration of ChatGPT into Bing and Office. Google also announced its alternative to ChatGPT, called BARD, and now confirms full AI integration on their platform, with a huge number of tools announced today.

The new Google with integrated generative AI

Google has just announced new APIs and products that will allow developers and companies create content with the best Google AI models through Google Cloud. This includes a new prototyping environment called MakerSuite.

For individual users, new functionalities will be added in Google Workspace that will make it possible to take advantage of the full power of the generative artificial intelligence to create, connect, and collaborate on apps like Gmail, Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Meet and Chat.

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You can see a summary in this video:

The PaLM API, and the new MakerSuite

The first novelty is API of PALMthe generative linguistic models with which Google has been working for years. This API will allow developers to integrate these linguistic models into their apps or websites, without having to create them themselves.

The Palm API allows developers to add AI chats, text creation, summaries, AI helpdeskand much more, to your applications.

From the API it will be possible to customize some of these linguistic models, without leaving certain parameters.

Developers will also have the opportunity to create your own prototype language models with the new tool MakerSuite. It seems that only a few settings can be changed to existing models at the moment, but over time Google will add functionality for rapid engineering, synthetic data generation, and custom model tuning.

Generative AI comes to Google Cloud

The google cloud already offers several layers of artificial intelligence for a long time, but now welcomes the generative AI.

Developers who want to build and customize their own models and applications using generative AI will be able to access Google’s AI, including PaLM, through Google Cloud.

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the platform of Vertex AI of Google Cloud It is already used by many companies to create and deploy machine learning models and scalable AI applications. Now, with the integration of generative AI, these AIs will be able to create texts and images, and eventually audio and video.

customers of Google Cloud will have the possibility of modify these AIs and refine them with your own informationto adapt them to your business needs.

Generative AI App Builder is another new tool that will allow companies and governments create your own chats with AIas well as digital assistants based on artificial intelligence. Google ensures that these chats and assistants can be integrated “in a matter of minutes, or hours“.

AI for everyone in WorkSpace

The above tools are intended for developers and businesses. End users will also be able to take advantage of Google’s generative artificial intelligence, through its office suite.

More than 3 billion people already have access to AI tools, like Smart Compose in Gmail or automatic summaries in Google Docs.

Now Google announces new features designed for generate text. In gmail and Google Docs you can tell the subject What would you like to write about? and instantly a draft will be generated.

The story behind ChatGPT: the great achievement of conversational artificial intelligence

For example, if you have to write a welcome email to an employee, a birthday greeting, or a complaint about a damaged product to the technical service of a store, the AI ​​will generate a base text. From there you can customize and improve it, to obtain the final text.

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All these tools are going to be offered, starting today, to closed groups of users, developers and companies. Then they will reach the whole world.

The revolution generative artificial intelligence is so huge, it’s hard to know where to start. With these new tools with Google AI AI chats, summary creators, text writers, or technical support can be integrated into all kinds of apps and websites.

with the new tools with generative artificial intelligence of Google You can write code, design a website or an app interface, create images, write a description of a store’s products, write emails and much more. They are a great help, but also come into conflict with A lot of Workposts. And as the Internet giant itself acknowledges, “this is just the beginning“.

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