How did you experience your first World Cup?

Julián Álvarez, striker for the Argentine national team, spoke about the feeling generated by being world champion and the entire process they had to go through to achieve their goal.

He confessed that he has not yet “taken dimension” of what happened and that he tries to enjoy the moment to the fullest, because everything happened very quickly.

“It hasn’t been that long and, since everything goes so fast, one still hasn’t fallen or taken dimension. But the truth is that I try to enjoy it to the fullest because what we experienced was crazy and it is pure history because it will remain forever ”,

assured the Argentine attacker.

From their point of view, the situation exceeded their expectations. Both on a personal and collective level.

“No one takes you out of being world champion. The number of minutes and the leading role I had in the World Cup exceeded my expectations because I was going to add from behind ”,

affirmed the player who emerged in the youth teams of River Plate.

The starter for the team led by Lionel Scaloni was Lautaro Martínez, but El Toro had physical problems that also affected his performance. Therefore, the Spider took the position from him and managed to have an important participation.

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How does Julián Álvarez explain his goals against Croatia?

The Manchester City striker also scored 4 goals in the World Cup, including a brace against Croatia. He talked about what the gestation of both was. According to Álvarez, the first one was a bit of luck; the other, 90% the work of Lionel Messi.

“When you grab her so far from the goal, you don’t think she’s going to score a goal. I kept going until I ended up staying there, with a bit of luck, and inside. Rodri and Nahuel passed, but the ball was not going so well, and I did not see the clear pass ”,


Photo: CNN | Exact moment of the first goal against Croatia

That score meant the 2-0 tie. Tranquility, many would think. But they came from reaching penalties in the quarterfinals against the Netherlands after going up with the same difference. In the following minutes the ‘messías’ arrived.

“It is 90% Messi and 10% mine. I had to push it by myself. The play he made was incredible. Once I got to the box, I just waited for the ball to come to me. He started here, there. You always trust your partner, but more so when he has the ball there”,

detailed the one born in Calchín.

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His adaptation to England generated uncertainty

Julián Álvarez also took the opportunity to analyze his present in Manchester. He had to adapt to many things, but he was lucky to know his fate six months before.

Julián Álvarez has not managed to have much continuity due to the presence of Erling Haaland
Photo: MDZ Online | Julián has not managed to have much continuity due to the presence of Erling Haaland

“I knew that he was coming six months before. I always try to get used to it and adapt as quickly as possible. The same thing happened to me when I left Calchín for Buenos Aires. The good thing is that I am with my family and my girlfriend. The day to day becomes a little easier ”,

the 23-year-old finished.

Then he confirmed the open secret: Erling Haaland is a fan of Boca Juniors. Therefore, he set himself the task of changing it to his beloved River. He admitted that it will be difficult, but he believes that he can do it.

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