How to bypass the word limit in ChatGPT responses

One of the most impressive advances that we have seen in the technological world is the advent of conversational artificial intelligences of the ChatGPT type, which we are even beginning to see in all types of devices and services, and which will surely continue to spread in the coming months. .

Until now, the public has been able to enjoy the free version of ChatGPT being, to say the least, somewhat less intelligent than the latest version GPT-4, and with a series of limitationsthat we could skip them.

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One of those limitations free version of ChatGPT It is the extension of the answers that artificial intelligence can give us, it seems that it is limited to about 400 or 500 characters depending on the question asked.

However, there is a tremendously simple way to bypass this limitation, and that artificial intelligence can continue with a much more elaborate response, ideal if we want you to write us some type of text, report or story.

With these simple words you will get more extensive answers

So when you ask ChatGPT write an article, a summary, a report, a story or any other type of long document of more than 400 or 500 words, when you see that the artificial intelligence has stopped in its response, you simply have to write the word “follow” or “continue”.

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In our case, we have asked ChatGPT to write us an article about photosynthesis of 1000 words, but unfortunately, the artificial intelligence stopped when it had written 447 words.


Well, when told to “continue”, ChatGPT continued with the article by writing 463 more words, and practically doing almost those 1000 words that we had asked at the beginning.

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You can keep insisting that the artificial intelligence continue to elaborate the answer, ideal in case you want to create much more elaborate articles.

It is not yet known when the general public will be able to enjoy the new version of ChatGPT, that is, the GPT-4which can process up to 25,000 words of text with greater precision, context, and creativity.

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