How to watch Apple TV+ free for 3 months on your Amazon Fire TV or Android TV device

AppleTV+ is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of quality content, including movies, series and documentaries. It is one of Apple’s most recent bets in the world of digital entertainment, and although it does not yet have an application for mobile devices with the Android operating system, it does offer its service through android tv and FireTV.

Apple TV+ was launched in November 2019, and since then it has been gaining popularity among Apple users and online content lovers in general. It offers a large number of quality movies and series, produced by some of the most important companies in the entertainment industry.

Standout series on Apple TV+ include “The Morning Show,” “See,” “Ted Lasso,” and “For All Mankind,” among others. In addition to series and movies, Apple TV+ also features a wide variety of documentaries and talk shows.

The service focuses on offering quality content, with impeccable production and an interesting story that hooks the viewer from the first moment. Some of the most prominent series and documentaries are “Boys State”, “Greyhound”, “The Elephant Queen” and “Oprah’s Book Club”.

So you can get 3 free months of Apple TV + on your Android TV or Fire TV

Although Apple TV+ does not currently have an application for mobile devices with the Android operating system, it is available on other devices such as Android TV and Fire TV. The app is easily downloadable from each platform’s app store and offers a simple and intuitive user experience.

To be able to get the 3 free months of Apple TV +, all you need is to access the following link. This link is the key to be able to claim the free subscription. What you will have to do is the usual: register on the platform, enter a payment method and accept the conditions of use of the Apple platform.

After having done this, what you have to do is start enjoying the series, movies, and documentaries on Apple TV+. Of course, in case you do not want to have the service for more than three months or want to avoid any charge to the card it is advisable to note the date on which the three free months end. Now all that remains is to start to see what interests you about its streaming offer.

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