If you’re looking for a job, you may soon have to master virtual reality

We know that it is very difficult to look for a job, there is a lot of competition and you have to pass several tests, so that in the end you fall at the last moment in the final test or interview.

But perhaps if you specialize in virtual reality games, it will be easier for you, because according to researchers there are already many companies that carry out this type of virtual reality tests to select their ideal candidates.

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So one study points out that video games virtual reality they can help companies assess and predict the job performance of applicants.

In this study it is said that video games prove the intelligence and they can help employers see how a candidate interacts with a problem in order to solve it.

This was the investigation

In this study, 103 university students participated, having to play a game called “job simulator” with different simulations with tasks and different levels of difficulty.

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All participants were required to take the Berlin Intelligence Structure test, which measures general intelligence (BIS-4).

After comparing the results of the game and the test, the researchers found that those applicants who finished the game faster scored higher on the general intelligence test.

The study also pointed out that more and more companies are looking for specialized players in video game since games often test and hone management, organization and multitasking skills.

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In any case, the study also recognizes the limitations of this way of selecting candidates, since a video game can lose its ability to indicate intelligence when players become familiar with it.

The study was published in the journal virtual realityand was the result of a study carried out by the University of Cologne, the University of Liechtenstein and the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences.

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