Juana Repetto confessed her anguish over her son Toribio’s behavior at school: “He doesn’t have a good time”

Juana Repetto and her son Toribio
Juana Repetto and her son Toribio

As usual, Juana Repetto He opened his heart in his Instagram stories and shared a difficult moment that he is going through with his son Toribio, who started the first grade of primary school.

The influencer who always looks to her followers for an ear, an accompaniment, a support, in matters related to motherhood, published a series of stories in which she revealed her frustration at the behavior of her son in this new school stage.

“You know that I like to share the post with you, even when everything is not rosy. I know that this brings us closer and sometimes it relieves us to know that we are not alone,” began the wife of Sebastian Graviotto in the stories.

He goes to school well, calm, he went to the house of several classmates and everything was super good. But at school he behaves with a behavior that shows that he would not be having a good time, which is what worries me the most, “continued the daughter of Reina Reech and Nicolás Repetto.

Juana Repetto's message
Juana Repetto’s message

As I commented, to Toribio He is not having an easy time adjusting to the dynamics of first grade, nor to the group in general. “Much love, patience, listen, validate and work at home what you can,” said Juana, visibly concerned.

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In another story, Repetto added, in relation to how she feels about what is happening to her eldest son: “Meanwhile I… frustrated, anguished, worried, taking care of myself, blaming myself, rethinking myself.”

“I was already wrong in the approach to the subject and I recapitulated, I corrected. And here I keep thinking about resources to accompany him in the best possible way, ”she commented to close, making a mea culpa.

With the birth of her first child, Toribiothe life of I repeat It also changed on social networks, a space in which he began to share the way he was raised, and the voices for and against it did not take long to appear. However, she was always willing to answer each of the questions, making her thoughts and how she handled herself in her home very clear.

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Last December and after proposing a round of questions and answers with her Instagram followers, the daughter of queen reech and Nicholas Repettoone of the most striking is the one that refers to the way he raises his youngest son, belisariuswhich she had with her current partner Sebastián Graviotto, taking into account that both she and he have a daughter from a previous partner and she decided to be the mother of her firstborn alone.

“I don’t like my partner’s way of parenting, he doesn’t open his head, how to get along?” Was one of the questions received and that Juana decided to answer publicly. “It’s very difficult”, she opened up, since “we who come from absolutely opposite upbringings with our previous children have to work a lot. It costs,” she admitted.

Regarding the upbringing of her first child, Juana affirmed that “in our case the garden was a great contra. She knew foods that she did not know, many of her classmates eat sweet cookies and type food daily: chicken legs, Milanese, noodles, hamburgers, sausages and those things. Now the lord wants to eat that,” she said.

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The problem of eating outside the home led to the mother and son having to reach an agreement whereby on Fridays for lunch “some of their favorite foods”. To do this, she suggested some homemade farm chicken legs in batter. “At Cole de Toro everyone takes their food. So even though the school suggests they send healthy food, every mother sends her what she wants,” she ranted.

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