Kodi updates Nexus version with new features and many improvements

For those who don’t know, Kodi is a universal media center, a multimedia player and content manager that can play almost anything on one screen, such as IPTV television channels, in almost any format: music, video, streaming, movies, photos. , games and so on.

kodi It became popular in 2018 especially thanks to addons, which are extensions that add additional features that were not in the original design, similar to Chrome extensions, for example. More than five years later we are going for Kodi 20.1.

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Kodi 20.1, whose code name is Nexus, is the new version of the popular home theater alternative multimedia software. And since there is now a big update with a lot of changes we have taken a look at the release notes and summarized the changes.

Kodi developers announced the release of version 20.1 on Github last week. The update is already available on several download websites, but it is not yet available in the Microsoft Store itself.

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What is Kodi and how does this all-in-one software work?

Kodi improvements that help media player stability

The new version mainly brings improvements and bug fixes. There is a long list of changes. Among them, the RetroPlayer has been improved and the Savestate Manager has received basic changes for greater ease of use.

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Savestate support is still new and needs some tweaking. With this function, you can save the game state at any timeeven though the game itself does not offer native Savestate features.

This update fixes many issues that users reported after Kodi 20 was released in mid-January. There is also a Python update to version 3.11.2. As always, the full changelog can be found at GitHub.

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