Kun Agüero faced the versions that indicated that he had had an intimate encounter with Gianinna Maradona

Kun Agüero furious with the versions that link him to Gianinna Maradona
Kun Agüero furious with the versions that link him to Gianinna Maradona

The news was a real bomb. In the Thursday edition of THE M, Pepe Ochoa assured that Sergio the Kun Omen had a secret meeting with ginainna maradonathe mother of his son Benjaminfrom whom he separated in 2012. “They were together in the same hotel,” said the panelist, referring to a well-known resort in Punta del Este.

And he added: “Agüero was hired as the image of the Casino and they tell me that he invited her. They used a service elevator that nobody uses and we confirmed it because they send us evidence. She spent two days in the same room as him. And she did not go to take the son to him. It should be noted that, although the daughter of Diego Maradona separated from daniel osvaldohis last partner, nothing was known of a supposed crisis of Kun with his girlfriend, Sofia Calzettiwhich gave a more scandalous tint to the information.

However, when asked by Estefi Berardi in very morningThe ex-soccer player categorically denied this version. “She came a few weeks ago to bring me my son and nothing else,” Kun replied to the panelist through a message that she was in charge of reading. And she added: “She tells me that it is not so. Why is false information given without asking what was the reason why Gianinna traveled. She went with the son, but she didn’t come this weekend. This weekend he was with his father all the time and Gianinna was in Argentina for the birthday of her niece (Roma, Dalma’s daughter) which was on Sunday ”.

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Then he detailed how Agüero’s message continued: “This hurts my partner and Benjamin and these things turn me on. On top of that I’m playing a poker tournament”. The youngest daughter of Claudia Villafanefor his part, uploaded to his stories of instagram a photo of his son from behind, in soccer gear, and wrote: “Be strong. Everything passes and settles. Here I am always. Telling you to get used to it is accepting that I brought you into a world of shitbut you continue and be happy, I’ll take care of the rest ”.

The publication of Gianinna Maradona
The publication of Gianinna Maradona

It should be remembered that, at the end of February, Nancy Duré had counted on intruders that Gianinna had separated from Osvaldo because of the latter’s jealousy of Kun. “There was a specific event that triggered a real scandal and that had to do with Benjamin’s 14th birthday,” the journalist said. And she explained that the musician did not want the former player of the National Team to be present at the celebration, requested that the daughter of the Ten did not agree

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As Duré explained, this would have led to a discussion. “Finally, Daniel Osvaldo was not on this birthday, in which Kun Agüero was of course, and the relationship ended,” he said. And he made it clear that the young woman’s inner circle did not want her to reconcile with the leader of Old Town.

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“In general, when there is a separation, the family is sad because nobody wants to see a person from the inner circle who separates…”, said the journalist. But she clarified: “In Gianinna’s family I would tell you not that they are celebrating, but they do pray that this is the final one because they know that it is a super toxic relationship.” It should be noted that Osvaldo is the father of Gianlucaof his relationship with Nina Oertlingerof Victory and Maria Helenaof his link with the Italian Elena Bracciniand of Morrison of her partner with Barón. But he doesn’t deal with any of them on a daily basis and he has conflicts with all of his exes.

Gianinna Maradona and Sergio Agüero on Benjamin's birthday (Instagram)
Gianinna Maradona and Sergio Agüero on Benjamin’s birthday (Instagram)

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