La Gloria is already the most watched non-English Netflix series

Netflix It’s on fire and no, it’s not because of all the drama of shared accounts, the drop in prices in some countries and not in others, or a new cancellation. In this case, it is positive. According to Netflix, La Gloria is the most watched non-English-language series in the world, with 124,460,000 hours viewed, surpassing the Spanish series Entrevías.

The first season of La Gloria was released on December 30 of last year, while the second part came out on March 10, but it is completely sweeping.

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Starring Song Hye-kyo as a young woman bent on revenge against the former classmates who bullied her as a child, the series in Korean ranked first in Asia in its first few weeks in Netflixnow leading the non-English language programs of the platform streaming.

Last Friday Netflix released the episodes from 9 to 16 and La Gloria seems to have caught fire, occupying a prominent place not only in Asia, but also in Europe and Latin America. It was the top 1 series in Mexico, Peru and El Salvador, for example.

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This Korean series is sweeping Netflix: almost 125 million hours watched

The Glory

At the moment it remains to wait for the great United States with its millions of users subscribed to this streaming platform to realize of the potential of this series for Netflix to make it their biggest hit in Korean since The Squid Game in 2021.

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Qualify a relevant aspect although not related to this particular news, but while all this success takes this Netflix series to the top, the director of La Gloria has recently been involved in a controversy over accusations of bullying in the past. He has since admitted to the allegations and issued an apology through his law firm.

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