Looking at the shoes of ‘Uncle Sak’, the opponent of ‘Srisuwan’, expecting the famous brand Converse that people ask, is there any more?

Look at the shoes of ‘Uncle Sak’, Srisuwan’s counterpart, Slip on, the famous brand Converse that people visit the page to ask, is there any more?

On October 18, from the event that Mr. Wirawit Rungruangsiripol 62 years old, the feudal group of red shirts against dictatorship attacked Mr. Srisuwan Janya, secretary-general of the Association for the Protection of the Thai Constitution. At the Central Investigation Bureau (BorChor.Kor.) who traveled to sing Udom Taepanich until Mr. Srisuwan had already reported

Most recently, Mr. Wirawit has gone live through the channel. feudal red shirt by saying, “Sod with Uncle Sak Uncle promises to follow the promise. Many people have called to talk to Uncle Sak. support uncle all the time Until there is a continual line coming in Some say thank you very much. The money has been transferred to help

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while that live Police officers and agencies who want to prosecute me, I accept, there is no need to issue a warrant for my arrest can prosecute me accept all matters Thank you very much to the fan page and that “Srisuwan will go and report it, if it is serious, he will be prosecuted. If it’s not serious, go to the Phaholyothin police station to prosecute.”

by Mr. Wirawit also said to the fans who called in “There was the first punch, I punched the jaw. followed by left and right and kick too.”

As a result of such cases,shoeof Mr. Wirawit or Uncle Sak Became the eye of many people. are brought together to shine what the aforementioned model is for such shoes It is assumed that these are Converse shoes, the sleep-on version or the unlaced version. and is expected to be a leather version of the shoe with a gimmick that can be seen from the sole of the shoe

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Facebook Papa’ Bangsaen : Converse and Vans shoes who came out to post that These shoes are Converse All Star Gore-Slip It is a product of the year 2020 which is currently out of production. Checked with Converse Thailand and no longer available.

Pronto Denim, a multi-brand brand that imports premium clothes and shoes into Thailand, said that it is a shoe that brings the identity of the legendary model Chuck Taylor All Star to develop into comfortable slip-on shoes. Simple, minimal style, the whole shoe (Upper) made of Canvas material with the colors of the Stripe around the edge of the rubber band and the classic heel label. Comes with a soft padded edge And use the insole (OrthoLite) to increase the maximum comfort of wearing, made in 3 colors: white, navy and black.

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Photo courtesy of Pronto Denim.

In the converse official store account in shopping, the model shoes ALL STAR DOUBLE GORE SLIP BLACK Only size 6 left, selling at 2,290 baht with a 30% discount, while the Converse page in Thailand There were a lot of people commenting on whether there were shoes of the senior generation Si or not.

As for the farfetch website that sells fashion items, Has placed the selling price of the Converse All Star Slip-On, which is the black fabric version, at $ 82, or about 3,140 baht, leaving only the smallest size 3.5 and 4.

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