Marixa Balli managed to recover her brother’s body almost 5 years after his death: “Justice does not exist and pain remains one”

Marixa Balli’s anguish after recovering her brother’s body

The brother of Marixa Balli, Luis Alberto Caballi 60 years old, died on December 13, 2018, as a result of a traffic accident when he tried to cross the intersection of the avenues Corrientes and Angel Gallardo and was hit by a motorcycle.

From that day, and until the day of the date, March 16, Marixa Together with his family, he fought to find Luis’s remains and bury him in the family niche. “The judge seems to have forgotten… the case is a folder, obviously, but there is a family behind that is suffering. March 16, 2023 is the day that I can meet my brother’s body again to be able to give him a rest as he deserves ”, he told at the time about the bureaucracy he went through to get the body of his brother.

Marixa Balli
Marixa Balli

Apparently the body was left in the hands of justice, subjected to the investigation of the case and the bureaucratic system was added to the almost two years of pandemic, concluding that the delivery of the body would take 4 years and five months.

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Finally today, from her Stories, Marixa uploaded an emotional photo and wrote: “Today is not a day of happiness but of closings. There is no justice of any kind, but I wanted to tell you that I was able to meet him again to give him a Christian burial and be able to end a very, very hard stage. It happens to many people: justice does not exist and the pain remains in one, ”she concluded.

Later, he shared a video and wrote: “03/16/2023, the day I can meet my brother’s body to give him a rest as he deserves. Thank you all for understanding and accompanying me in this difficult moment that I have to go through.

The image that Marixa Balli published on her IG Stories
The image that Marixa Balli published on her IG Stories

It was very painful for the businesswoman to mourn this tragedy and for a time she decided to distance herself from the media and dedicated herself to caring for her mother and asking for justice. Some time ago, a cell phone relentless He appeared at one of Marixa’s shoe stores, who, surprised by the visit of the movilero, spoke about the issue for the first time in a media outlet. I am going to complete almost a year of absolute silence, I need to recover and be optimal to speak. It is very hard, very difficult, there is a before and after, a very deep pain, ”said the woman in September 2019.

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“They were very hard moments, when I sit down to speak I want to do it properly because I have a fever and anger,” added the dancer. In addition, she pointed out that “there is a before and after of this situation” and although she did not give details of the cause, she maintained that she tries to cope with the situation “in the best way”.

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“I needed to be off television, my best therapist is me, I analyze myself and try to conduct myself in the best way and respect the media. If I had rushed with fever to sit in a program, I would have run amok, I would have been very harsh with who I consider to be my brother’s murderer,” Balli closed.

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